What causes depression in children? If it is not treated, it continues in adulthood!


Childhood depression manifests itself with reluctance in its most general form. Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Psychology Department, about the treatment of depression in childhood, which is one of the important issues that families should pay attention to. Clinical Psychologist Gözdem Özdem shared important information. It usually manifests itself with anorexia, distraction and mental disorders in childhood. Here are all the details to know about childhood depression!

It is important that parents pay attention to their children’s behavioral attitudes and discourses. Causes of depression in children and applied to protect children from depression “ game therapy ”.

High Possibility of Depression During Adulthood!

Childhood depression; It is an adaptation problem that is caused by reflecting the external effects experienced during infancy, play period or school period to the child. In addition, children who experience depression in childhood are also more likely to experience problems such as entering a depressive episode, diagnosing bipolar disorder or eating disorder. However, distraction can often be confused with depression. For this reason, it is recommended that parents be very careful in observing their children’s mental health, and seek specialist support as soon as possible when faced with a problem.

What Causes Childhood Depression?

  • It can be seen when your brother is born.
  • Can be seen in conflict family environment.
  • The pressure put on the child by parents without realizing it can cause depression.
  • Behavioral mismatch may be the cause of childhood depression.
  • Loss of parents or divorce of parents can cause depression in children.

Children Express themselves with toys instead of words!

Play therapy helps children express themselves by putting / using toys instead of words. It is play therapy for children as it is for adults to get counseling. When adults have problems, they go through the analysis process with a psychotherapist they trust. On the other hand, it is difficult for children to realize and express their annoying things because their ability to express themselves is not as developed as adults yet. Play therapy provides children with the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and desires in their most natural way, by playing. A game therapist who specializes in his field understands and solves children’s problems, and also serves to develop their coping skills in a healthy way.

The benefits of play therapy to children’s spirit and personality development are listed as follows:

  • Makes it easier for the child to express his feelings.
  • It increases the self-confidence of the child.
  • Reduces the anxiety caused by traumatic events in the child’s life.
  • Creates healthy bonds in interpersonal relationships.

Do not assume that Game Therapy and Game are the Same!

The game therapist works with children aged 3-11 years. It focuses on complicated life events and psychological difficulties. The therapy process of each child progresses at a different speed. Because the length or shortness of this period is related to the severity of the trauma experienced by the child. In summary, it varies according to how the child perceives the event. Play therapy and play are not the same. Play therapy allows children to reveal natural reactions to life conditions. The presence of a play therapist provides an environment suitable for the child to feel accepted and understood and to realize the difficult situations.

These Traumas Cause Depression in Children!

  • Children whose family environment is in conflict, whose parents are in the stage of divorce or who have experienced domestic violence,
  • Emotional, physical or sexually abused children,
  • Adopted children,
  • Children who encounter the death or disease of a loved one,
  • Children of families who cannot set borders,
  • Children who are brotherly jealous,
  • Children who experience physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach pains not related to a medical cause,
  • Children with self-confidence problems,
  • Children dealing with chronic disease,
  • Children diagnosed with attention deficit,
  • Children with anger control disorder,
  • Children with separation anxiety,
  • Children who experience excessive shyness should be followed by experts and they should be provided with the right direction to continue their health.

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