What causes hair loss? What are the symptoms of hair growth? Is there a natural treatment for hair loss?

The more frequent hair loss in men than in women, the more subcutaneous hair causes swelling. This swelling lowers the quality of life of the person. The common hair loss in the coccyx can cause chronic infection in some people. So what causes hair loss? What are the symptoms of hair growth? Is there a natural treatment for hair loss? The answer to all questions is in the details of the news: 

Hair rotation is called ingrown hair condition. However, in researches, hair loss may also occur when the hair that has shed accumulates in the coccyx region and settles under the skin. In addition, although hair loss is known as a discomfort among women and women , this disease is more common in men. Hair turn, which usually occurs in the coccyx; It is also likely to be seen around the navel hole, armpit, face area and legs. In science literature, it is referred to as polyndal sinus. This discomfort experienced by the skin not being abnormally removed in the hair growth layer decreases vital quality. As soon as the hair grows flat under the skin, it burns under the skin and causes inflammation. Blistering skin causes pain. Likewise, it damages the surrounding nerves and veins. Hair growth is often more likely to occur during development. Because after a certain age, the movement in the hair roots stops. Depending on the professions, hair loss may occur. Long-term desk workers and long-distance drivers may experience hair turning.

images of twist rotation


There is no exact reason. However, the accumulation of loose hairs without leaving the surface of the skin leads to hair rotation. It can be experienced after continuous friction, tight clothes, long sitting or cycling. The body activates the immune system against accumulated hair. The immune system also sends excess antibodies to this area. However, these antibodies cause inflammation in the area. Breathless hair follicles also cause dirt to accumulate.


For people whose body is more than normal hair

Tough and rough hair root

Those who had hormonal distress in the developmental age

Cat, dog keepers, sheep clippers and barbers

Those who previously had hair rotation

People who lose weight quickly and obesity patients are at risk of developing hair loss.

Hair rotation in the coccyx also causes low back pain


The swelling in the coccyx is the size of chickpeas and an inflammatory abscess in this swelling. This swelling in the breech area causes severe pain over time. As a result of inflammation, yellow spots appear on the back of the underwear. If hair loss is neglected despite these symptoms, it may cause serious discomfort.

men often experience hair loss after unconscious shaving


Since it is seen on the surface of the skin, it is detected immediately by physical intervention. If the specialist deems appropriate, he / she will perform a surgical operation. However, if it is not too severe, creams containing antibiotics are applied. In very severe clay rotations, specialists usually require a blood test as well. Because hair growth can sometimes occur in a polyndal cyst. Surgical hair removal is removed from the root. It also recommends taking some precautions to prevent the patient from living again.

Regions with hair rotation should be constantly disinfected

Underwear should be changed frequently

The body should be cleaned thoroughly by taking a shower every day

Long sitting in the same position or lying down should be avoided

The patient’s hair should then be reduced by laser epilation.

Some methods can be applied at home for not too severe hair growth. Even in the absence of scientific evidence, tea tree oil, sage oil and castor oils in alternative medicine help the area to soften and dry the inflammation inside. Vitamins C and A should be consumed during the day of the patient. The cysts are provided with continuous messages to the skin that has hair growth and the cysts are relaxed. Abundant pouch should be thrown with hot water. Hairs must be exposed.

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