What Causes Metaplasia Is Cancer?

Metaplasia is the transformation of one cell type into another. This change is sometimes the result of natural maturation. Sometimes it develops due to an abnormal stimulus. The most common type of metaplasia is known as intestinal metaplasia. In this type of metaplasia, stomach cells become similar to intestinal cells.

What is metaplasia?

The transformation of a cell type into a different cell type is called metaplasia. This transformation can be triggered by an external stimulus or it can occur as part of a normal process. These changes occur when the body enters a new environment. The cell type that fails to survive in the new environment turns into another cell type in order to maintain its vitality and adapt to the conditions it is in. If the alert is not present, the cells will be restored. So metaplasia is not an irreversible permanent event.

What Causes Metaplasia?

  1. Factors such as exposure to chemicals and harmful substances, injury, and chronic stress are among the causes of metaplasia.
  2. Helicobacter pylori infection: Some of the foods we consume can be converted into chemicals by H. pylori bacteria. Chemicals created by bacteria can alter stomach cells. Here intestinal metaplasia is also caused by this.
  3. Smoking: Smoking can also cause differentiation of cells.
  4. Genetics: If one of your close relatives has experienced metaplasia, it is more likely to happen to you.
  5. Environmental factors, vitamin C or another vitamin-mineral deficiency can also cause metaplasia.
  6. In addition, toxins, calcification and cigarette smoke can trigger the formation of metaplasia.

The diagnosis of metaplasia is made by tissue examination performed by a pathologist under a microscope. If the biopsy evaluation proves the presence of metaplasia, there is no need to worry. Because treatment is possible. The method to be applied depends on how much the cells grow and in which region this happens.

Metaplasia Causes Dysplasia or Is It Cancer?

Most of the time, it is normal for a cell type to pass on to another type of cell. However, some stimuli can also cause this. Dysplasia and metaplasia are different from each other, they are not directly counted as cancer.

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