What causes nasal curvature (deviation)? What are the symptoms of nasal bone curvature?

Nose bone curvature, called deviation, in scientific literature is not noticed until examined. We have researched everything you wonder about the disease that occurs spontaneously or because of genetic factors. So what causes nasal curvature (Deviation)? What are the symptoms of nasal bone curvature? The answer to all the curious questions is in the details of the news. . .

The structure, which is located in the middle part of the face and consists of two holes outward, is called the nose. The nose is one of the basic organs that allow the human body to breathe. Channels are connected to the sink, including the mouth. Inside the nose is a layer of mucus, capillaries and hairs. Thanks to the hairy and moist interior, the air taken from the outside is thus moistened and cleaned. Thanks to the capillaries, the intake air gets hot. Air passing through the nasal cavities passes through the sinus canals. Air purified by filtering through here sinks into the lungs. In this way, oxygen is mixed into the blood more easily. The nose is also one of our five sense organs. It helps to smell. It dissolves in mucus so that the smell can be detected by the nose. The solute stimulates the olfactory cells, which is transmitted to the brain by sniffing. The most functioning organ in the body is the nose.



A healthy nose works as above. However, due to various factors, the bone in the brain is skewed. This causes damage to the nostrils. The person who cannot get comfortable air starts to experience various diseases. The bone that forms the two holes of the nose begins to bend due to genetic factors or after a blow from the outside to the nose. However, it takes damage to the cartilage in the nose. First, the bone nose structure, which plays 1 mm, increases as the structure changes. Curvature reaching 5 mm is the most dangerous. This discomfort due to the bone developing until certain ages does not show any symptoms first. Therefore, the patient often thinks that he has had upper respiratory tract diseases. So it does not fall on it. However, it occurs in a detailed treatment. Especially prolonged nasal congestion negatively affects both the physical and vital life of the patient.



Many symptoms are experienced. Because the nose, which is the basis of the body, is not only breathing. It affects all functions negatively. Especially symptoms beginning with physical fatigue come with many symptoms.

The patient breathing through the mouth causes dryness and odor.

Increased air in the mouth increases the rate of infection. It provides teeth to get infected.

Disturbances such as fatigue, restlessness and anorexia are experienced one after another.

Endless sneezing rituals occur.

Continuous diseases in upper and lower respiratory tract,

Generally increased pain in the facial bones,

Symptoms such as increased sleep desire during the day can be a precursor of nasal bone curvature.



There is no medication for nasal curvature. In bone curvature, surgery is essential. However, the only solution is not surgery. Because its relapse rate is one hundred percent. Since the nose affects the entire facial structure, surgery is performed both aesthetically and healthily. In addition, since the capillaries are high, there are also risks of surgery. The surgery is performed both local and general anesthesia. General anesthesia is usually required for comfort. The operation takes approximately 2-5 hours. The patient, who wanders with a tampon for 10 days, is removed after 10 days. In this process that changes from nose to nose, the patient cannot use glasses for a long time. He should also stay away from any trauma.

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