What causes oily nose? How to make the oily nose dull?

Do not worry if your nose gets oily and pimples appear in your nose area, without trying it in summer or winter. With a few methods you can apply at home, you can eliminate the skin problem of lubricating the nose, and at the same time, you can make your skin look beautiful. So what causes nasal lubrication and which cures are good for nasal lubrication? Here are the answers to the questions…

Nasal lubrication may occur due to reasons such as diet, lifestyle, and medications. Experts call this most common skin problem the T-zone. The nose in the T-zone is more common than other regions due to the presence of more active sebaceous glands and large pores. You can prepare some masks or cures at home to remove this lubrication. There are practical and effective masks that eliminate this situation, which is usually suffered by people who use powdered or matte products. In this article we have prepared, we have examined the cures that are good for nasal lubrication. Let’s examine together…

What causes oily nose?


You can prepare an easy mask with egg white, which helps you get rid of skin spots and equalizes the oil balance of the skin, thanks to the 4 vitamins that it contains. With a fork, whisk the egg whites quickly until foamy. Then apply it to your nose and let it dry. After drying, wash your face. It will be enough to apply this mask twice a week.

How is the oily nose treated?


Thanks to the pore tightening effect of cucumber, it will eliminate the oily nose in a short time. Grate the cucumber and strain through a sieve. Mix the juice of the cucumber with the lemon juice and apply it to your nose. Then wash with water. You can do this every day.


Egg white, which is indispensable for breakfast, balances the oil balance of the skin. Take the egg white in a small bowl. Mix until foamy and apply to the problem area. You can clean the dried egg white with warm water.

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