What does a bottle warmer do? How is the bottle warmer used?

Undoubtedly, one of the rescuer products that are the biggest helpers of mothers is the bottle heaters that allow their babies to sip their milk warmly. You can have your baby fed by using a bottle warmer. So how to use the bottle warmer, which facilitates the work of mothers and babies? What does a bottle warmer do? Here is the use of a baby bottle heater, which is frequently preferred from baby products. . .

The most important nutrient in healthy nutrition of babies is breast milk. Babies who have completed their 6th month can switch to additional nutrients and, if possible, breast milk should be continued with additional nutrients until the age of 2. If there are some problems in decreasing breast milk or giving milk, appropriate food can be given to the baby’s body by obtaining the doctor’s approval. When preparing food, it is important to cool the hot water put in it, and to keep the liquid in the fridge or freezer by supplying the milk of additional foods and working mothers to be at a sufficient temperature before giving it to the baby. Bottle heaters are the primary products designed specifically to prevent this problem. We have compiled for you how you can use the bottle warmers that feed the baby’s palate at a suitable temperature.



The first thing we need to do first is to put cold water, food, milk or supplementary food in the bottle. The mouth of the bottle is tightly closed and placed inside the heater so that it fits into place. After placing the bottle, different processes are applied for the heating process depending on the model and features of the heater. In some it is operated by entering the desired temperature.

In such models, the most suitable temperature is between 37 – 40 ° C. An alarm sounds later, and after this alarm, the heater continues periodically until it turns off to maintain the desired temperature of the bottle.

Whatever happens, give your baby by controlling the temperature after shaking or mixing the food you receive from the heater.

In order to quickly prepare food, the bottle can only be filled with water and placed in an ideal temperature.

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