What does Advantan cream do? How to use Advantan cream? Advantan cream benefits

Advantan cream, a miracle drug for those who have been trying to cope with eczema for a long time, is a cream recommended by specialist doctors for all types of eczema. We researched all unknown questions about Advantan cream, which is familiar at first glance.

Advantan cream, the active ingredient of which is methylprednisolone, is a drug taken on the recommendation of specialist doctors, which reduces the effects of chemicals that cause redness, swelling and inflammation in the body. Advantan cream, which has anti-inflammatory, narrowing and anti-allergy properties, is used in the treatment of inflammatory and itchy skin disease in the scalp. Advantan cream, which is recommended to be used completely under the control of a doctor, allergic and contact-induced skin inflammation, runny eczema, itchy skin rashes with skin-like rashes, allergic skin inflammation (neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis), child eczema, yellow, slightly oily and dry crusts on reddened skin It is prescribed in the treatment of rashes (seborrheic eczema), varicose eczema in the legs, suddenly developing eczema (itchy chronic skin inflammation due to nervous causes) and treatment of eczema (yeast) that is not classified in any way.


This cream with a high water and low fat content is especially suitable for acute and runny eczema, for very oily skin and open or hairy areas of the body. You should never use this cream without consulting your specialist. Because if it contains allergic substance, it causes serious health problems. The duration of treatment is 12 weeks in adults; should not exceed 4 weeks in infants and children. As a general rule, it is inconvenient to use externally administered preparations containing corticosteroids in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is not recommended to use it if you are pregnant or if you are pregnant.



First of all, you should use this cream just like your doctor recommended. Apart from that, apply to the diseased skin in a thin layer and rub it lightly into your skin. It is enough to apply once a day.



Advantan cream sold only in pharmacies in tubes of 30 grams, 11. 00 TL has the price.

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