What does Azelderm cream do? How to use Alzerderm cream? Azelderm cream price

We are here with an article that answers all your questions about Azelderm Cream, which is recommended by the doctor of people who have pimples, skin blemishes, rose disease, black spots and many more problems in the forehead, cheeks or chin area. How to use Azelderm Cream? What is the price of Azelderm Cream? Does Azelderm Cream really work? The answer to the questions is in the details of our news.

Alzelderm Cream, which is mixed with Expigment cream that removes the skin spots at first glance, is among the creams that are wondered recently. This cream, which is recommended by skin experts for those who are in trouble with acne, contains 20% Azelaic acid in it. In this way, it both pimples and reduces the appearance of its spots in a short time. This cream, which is one click more than Azelaic acid in normal acne creams, is a drug sold in 30 gram tubes. This cream, which dries acne when it is first applied, shows effective results in regular application. Azelderm cream, which is enjoyed by many people, plays a great role in passing acne especially in adolescence. Azelderm cream, which should be used for at least 15 days, is a proven effect in eliminating inflamed acne.


Azelderm cream, which is noticeable when it is started to be used, removes acne as well as removing acne. According to the researches, this cream, which is very effective in removing acne, inflamed pimples, rosacea (rose disease), inflamed and pink pimples, mild and moderate pimples, also prevents the formation of microbes.

This cream, which must be used by the expert doctor both under control and by suggesting, refreshes the skin’s cells thanks to natural acids and lightens the skin spots in a short time. When used, you will notice that it removes brown spots first and then completely.

You can also use this cream, which provides regeneration of the skin cells, for your pits. Azelderm cream removes not only acne scars, but also many known scars, burns, scratches, scars and sutures.


Before applying Azelderm cream, you should definitely clean and disinfect the area with water. Then dry with a paper towel and apply in the size of nuts.

Then you can massage without pressure. It is enough to drive 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.



Like many creams, Azelderm cream has side effects. It may show different side effects in excessive use. One of them comes with redness and eyebrows. If you have severe itching and see some of the other side effects, you should immediately stop using the cream and consult your doctor.


This cream is a prescription cream, as prescribed by your doctor. This cream, which you can buy without a prescription, 49. It is 31 TL.

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