What does Benzoxin do? How to use Benzoxin cream? What is the price of Benzoxin cream?

Benzoxin cream, which is sold only in pharmacies, is a miraculous medicine for those with acne skin. You can find the answers to your questions about Benzoxin gel, which affects both subcutaneously and on the surface of the skin.

The active ingredient of Benzoxin gel, which treats acne in a short time Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin phosphate. Therefore, it prevents the bacteria that cause acne from developing on the skin. This gel, which is enjoyed by the users, provides easy removal of excess oil and dirt from the skin with its light drying and peeling feature. It also stops the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and acne areas, and reduces the number of acne. Specialist doctors prescribe for the treatment of acne vulgaris a benzoxazin cream stands on shelves in 50 milligram tubes sold only in pharmacies. Excipients of this drug are Poloxamer 188, glycerin, simethicone, carbomer 974P, sodium lauryl sulfate, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide and pure water. Therefore, if you are allergic to the substances in it, you should not use it.


Benzoxin Topical Gel, known to be avoided from sun rays and artificial UV rays, may cause sunburn and stains during treatment. Do not touch your mouth or eyes. This gel, which reduces acne from the moment it is used, has a lightening effect in case of contact with colored clothes and sheets and a whitening effect in case of contact with hair. You should be careful after using it.

Benzoxin Topical Gel, which children under 12 years old should not use, may take 2-5 weeks to show its full effect. The course of treatment should not last longer than 12 weeks.



You should use it just as your doctor prescribed this medicine. If you are going to use it, first clean the area and rinse with warm water. After drying, apply the gel in a thin layer with a spatula coming out of the box to the spotty area. It will be sufficient to apply it twice a day, morning and evening.


The price of this cream, which is sold in pharmacies with Normal Prescription 44. 93 TRY d.

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