What does Bepanthen Bulb do? How to use Bepanthen Bulb? Bepanthen Bulb price

We share with you the answers to your questions about Bepanthen Bulb, which is the subject of curiosity we have seen in social media recently. What does Bepanthen Bulb do? How to use Bepanthen Bulb? Where to buy Bepanthen Bulb? What is the price of Bepanthen Bulb? Where is Bepanthen Bulb used? Are those who use Bepanthen Bulbs satisfied? The answer to the questions is in the details of our news.

Bepanthen Ampoule is one of the vitamin medicines. This vitamin drug, which is used very often in the medical field, is also very preferred in hair problems. We see it in a very different way than the bepanthen cream that everyone knows. Bepanthen Bulb, c offers a wonderful effect for unwanted and shedding hair. If the Bepanthen ampoule is to be used in the medical field, it is absolutely applied by the doctor. Bepanthen ampoules, which are sold by prescription in pharmacies, are sold in 5 pieces of 2 milliliter glass bottles in each box. 1 bepanthen ampoule contains 500 mg dexpanthenol. Its active ingredient is deskpanthenol. D eskpantenol; works by helping the formation of epithelium in the skin and re-development of the epithelial layer in the damaged area. Dexpanthenol topical also provides repair of wounds in tissues and organs, assists in the process of complex regeneration and self-healing.


This drug, which is generally used with a doctor’s prescription; It is used in acroparasthesis, leg ulcer, tonsil surgery, inflammation of the small intestine, bronchitis, wounds after tooth extraction, pharyngitis, colitis, laryngitis, implant healing, hair development disorder, stomatitis, tracheitis wound treatments. Apart from these, it is the treatment of hair problems at the beginning of the most used areas. Bepanthol ampoule, which is often used in hair care masks, offers an almost definitive solution to hair problems.


Medically applied under the skin, intramuscularly or vascularly, this drug is made by doctors in hospitals. You should never do this yourself. You can use it only in hair masks or by adding it to the shampoo you use.



The question of whether bepanthen bulb is applied to the hair or applied directly to the hair is one of the most frequently asked questions. It should be used by adding hair care mask or shampoo instead of applying it directly to the hair.


1.5 tablespoons of olive oil
1 bulb bepanthen
1 bulb evigen

Preparation and Application

Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl and rub them into the scalp. After waiting for an average of 45 minutes, it is enough to rinse with warm water. It is enough to do it once a month.

You can apply it as a mask to your hair or you can add hair into the shampoo you use and eliminate hair problems. If you intend to add it to the shampoo, you should use it by adding 2 or 3 bulbs.



Bepanthen, which has some side effects as well as effective, should never be used by those who are allergic to the active ingredients. Known side effects;

Allergic dermatitis (skin inflammation caused by allergies),
Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation caused by contact),
Erythema (skin redness),
Eczema (skin discomfort seen with symptoms such as skin rash, swelling, itching),
Urticaria (Skin disease marked by white or reddish blisters, itchy, accompanied by edema and burning sensation),
Blister (liquid filled skin bubble) formation,
skin reactions at the injection or infusion site,
Skin irritation


Bepanthen Bulb’s 2020 price 9. It is 75 TL.

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