What does Bepanthen cream do? How to use Bepanthen? Does it remove hair?

Bepanthen, which is sold both in pharmacies and online and among the most talked about creams of the last days, eliminates many skin problems not only as a care cream. So what does Bepanthen cream do? How to use Bepanthen Does Bepanthen cream remove hair? What is the price of Bepanthen cream? The answer to all your questions is just jasmine. The comer!

Thanks to Provitamin B-5, also known as dexpanthenol, Bepanthen cream, which acts as a “skin repair”, helps to renew and keep the skin supple and moist. It is used to heal dry and irritated skin. Bepanthen cream, with its new name, beponthel cream is a product that you can easily find both on websites and in pharmacies. This moisturizing cream produced by Bayer in 1944 is among the things that everyone should have at home. You can use this cream, which does not bother because it has no smell, in summer and winter. Bepanthen cream, which dermatologists frequently recommend for diseases such as eczema, can be used with peace of mind in the cracked nipples of nursing mothers and in the treatment of surgical wounds.


Bepanthen cream, which is considered as a medicine at first glance, is a product that has no side effects compared to other creams. There are many types in the market Bepanthen The most important feature of the cream is its restorative feature. This cream, which has a very safe content, is used in exfoliation depending on the drying of the skin.


Bepanthen cream (bepanthol); Bepanthen cream that can be used in different areas; You can use it to provide moisture to the skin, to treat acne (acne) and acne scars, to relieve cracked and tense skin, to protect the skin from the damage of external factors.

The most important feature of Bepanthen cream keeps the skin moist for a long time. Thanks to the ProVitamin B5 and Lanoli, which is contained in this cream, approved by the Turkish Pediatric Association, it shows its effect in a short time, provides extra care for the skin, and also has a natural herbal ingredient. This cream, which shows its effect immediately from lip cracks to dry skin, renews the cells in a short time and has a restorative feature.



To use Bepanthen cream, you should take care that your skin is completely removed from makeup. Before use, you should wash and dry with warm water. Before going to bed in the evening, thoroughly purify your skin and apply the conditioner beautifully. When you wake up in the morning, clean it with warm water.

If you apply it to your skin before make-up, it ensures that it stays on your face all day long. Take a very small amount and apply it evenly over your entire face. You can apply it 2 times a day. The most important feature to be considered is that when applied to the nipple, you should definitely wash and clean before breastfeeding.


The price of these products, which you can find in pharmacies in 3 different ways, varies on e-commerce. However, the price of the shelf sold to you in pharmacies is as follows; Bepanthen cream (bepanthol) – 39.90 TL, Bepanthen Plus cream – 28.90 TL, Bepanthen ointment – 49.90 TL

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