What does Expigment cream do? How to use expigment cream?

We share with you those who are curious about the miracle cream Expigment, which will remove the spots on the skin due to sun spots, spots from inflamed pimples, color inequalities after the blackhead or for many more reasons. What does Expigment cream do? How to use expigment cream? How much is the expigment cream price? What are the side effects of expigment cream? Don’t be late to find out.

Expigment cream is a product used in the removal of skin spots, sunburn, freckles, acne scars, dark spots. We can eliminate any spots on your skin, on your face, feet, legs, arms with expigment cream and eliminate any problems. Often remove skin problems, this jewelery expigment cream prescribed by doctors to remove skin bales

It is written with . Expigment cream is sold in 30 gram tubes in pastry shops. The expigmint cream is 2% and expigment cream 4%. It is divided into cream types according to the density of the hydroquinone active ingredient in the cream. Hydroquinone is the main ingredient of the cream that turns the skin color. While expigment cream 2% hydroquinone density is 20 mg in 1 gram; expigment cream is 4% and 40 mg in 1 gram. Although the hydroquinone contained in the expingment cream shows its effect, the melanin effect that gives the skin its color slows down and the skin spots open.


With Expigmen cream, it is possible to get rid of not only skin blemishes but also acne scars. It is not recommended to use this cream, which is among the creams that are good for acne, because it is very effective, in sunny days and in summer. If you want to treat your pimples with expigment cream, you can use it by choosing the autumn and winter months.


The cream is applied to the skin with an interval of 12 hours a day, twice a day. It is very important that the area where the cream will be applied is clean, for a more effective result, the problem area must be thoroughly cleaned before using the cream. The area to be applied must be dry. You can ensure that the cream is thoroughly absorbed by rubbing the skin with the problematic hand only 2 hours before going to bed regularly every day, by massaging for at least 2 minutes. It is recommended to use it regularly for 2 months in order to get rid of skin blemish problems with Expigment skin spot cream. The cream will have a definite effect within 6 months. If there is no visible change in the first 2 months, you should definitely stop using the cream and consult your doctor.

You can find this prescription cream from pharmacies. Expigment cream is sold by prescription and your doctor should definitely write this cream.



Side effects of Expigment cream, which is a very effective cream, can react according to skin type and sensitivity in some people. The side effects of the expigment cream and the frequency of their side effects, respectively;

Allergic reactions can be seen after using the skin spot cream. Rash, itching, skin swelling, dizziness, breathing, difficulty, skin stinging sensation, redness, dryness.

Itching in the area where the cream is applied, if the itching is not at the point that will bother you, you do not need to do anything. In case of itching and redness, the cream should be cut.

Formation of bubbles filled with liquid.

Cracking of the skin.

Blue or black darkening in the area where the expigment cream is applied.



Expigment cream price varies according to the type of cream. Expigment 2% sales price is 9.40 TL. Expigment 4% sales price is 12. 11 TL.

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