What does Fucidin cream do? How to use fucidin cream? Fucidin cream users

Only jasmine is the answer to all your questions about Fucidin cream, which is often used to kill active bacteria on the skin and can only be used by experts. The comer! What does Fucidin cream do? How to use fucidin cream? How much is the price of fucidin cream? Who should use Fucidin cream? Does Fucidin have a cream side effect?

Fucidin cream is a product containing 20 mg fusidic acid and 0. 04 mg butylhydroxyanisol as an adjuvant and 111 mg cetyl alcohol. Thanks to the fusidic acid it contains, it shows strong antibacterial properties in gram positive organisms. It acts by inhibiting protein synthesis by preventing the passage of amino acids to the protein. It is particularly effective and sensitive in staphylococci, which are resistant to penicillin. It is used effectively in many skin infections. As a result of the problems occurring in the skin, the cream is widely used and produced, and nowadays, it appears with the labels of many brands. These problems include burns, itching, sores, acne, and so on. But there are also special creams prepared for each of these problems. While some creams are assertive about wounds, some creams may be more effective in acne. In other words, it will be more convenient for you to choose your creams according to your problems and apply treatment in this way.



The formation of acne occurs when bacteria flow into the cavities on the skin and accumulate just under the skin. Fucidin cream, which has an effective antibacterial property, cleans the bacteria located on the skin and just under it, eliminates acne and prevents the formation of acne again in the process. Considering this feature, the use of the cream should not be stopped after getting rid of pimples, it should continue to be used for exactly 21 days. If acne is stopped when the pimples disappear, the bacteria present in the skin may cause acne formation again. During application to the skin, it should not be applied near the eyes and lips, as it is an effective cream, you can see side effects. Get advice on how to use it when buying from pharmacies, and also read the package insert from the drug.



Immediately inform your doctor in case of abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat.

No common side effects have been reported in the area applied depending on the use of the cream.


The price of fucidin cream in 2019 is 17. 26 TL.

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