What does Hametan cream do? How to use Hametan cream?

There are millions of varieties for those looking for advice for skin problems. One of these products is Hametan cream. Hametan cream, which is sold only in pharmacies, has become a favorite of many people with its effects on the skin as well as it attracts attention. So why is Hametan cream used? What are the effects of Hametan cream on the skin? How much does the Hametan cream cost? How is Hametan cream applied to the skin? Whatever you wonder about Hametan cream, the answer is jasmine. I come!

Hemetan is sold in cream form as well as hametan pomade. Only the hametan pomade is a bit more oily, but you can prefer both because their active ingredients are generally the same. Although it is a prescription cream, it is often recommended by everyone because it is effective. Hametan, which is sold in aluminum tubes as 30g and 50g, is the most effective ingredient of the active ingredient Hamamelis virginiana cream and contains 25 grams of Hamamelis virginiana on average 100 grams. Hamamelis virginiana, the ingredient of Hmetan supplement, cures almost every skin problem. Obviously, this substance in the cream; Witch hazel virgin extract; tissue astringent has anti-bleeding anti-inflammatory effects. With its healing effect; Following skin injuries, it provides skin astringent and thickener effect by causing skin proteins to collapse. Following injuries of the skin, it shortens the bleeding time in the area in question and speeds up the coagulation process.



Hametan cream is an ideal product not only for those with skin problems, but also for those who are looking for a good moisturizing recommendation. The main purpose of this cream, which is mostly recommended by women on social media, is produced for the removal of burn marks, skin spots, acne marks, as well as many other spots. Although it is a highly praised cream on social media, it has caused acne and different problems on sensitive skin when taken without consulting a doctor. In this case, it should be used in consultation with a doctor.

Hametan and Hametan Pomade;

Improves skin rashes in a short time,

Renews the skin, helps it to look alive,

Removes acne scars,

Makes scars disappear,

Maintains and repairs dried cracked, worn skin,

evens out the skin tint,

Bed wounds are good for open wounds and surgical wounds,

1. and 2nd degree burns.



Hametan cream must be applied to the skin in consultation with the doctor. If the doctor is not consulted, different problems may occur on the skin.

Make sure to clean your skin or that area well before applying Hametan cream.

Take chickpeas at the tip of your finger and rub them with soft movements.

After rubbing the cream until it is gone, you do not need to cover it if you do not have an open wound.


Hametan cream is among the creams that have almost no side effects. It is generally seen in people who are sensitive to the active substance in the side effects and skin rashes in them, swelling in the face, lips, tongue or larynx. If you have seen these side effects, you are allergic to the cream.


Hametan cream’s 2019 price is Highest 10. 09 TL, Lowest 8. is 18 TL.

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