What does Hametol cream do? How to use Hametol cream?

This news is for you if you want to eliminate color inequalities on your face and at the same time eliminate problems such as wounds or eczema caused by detergents. We put Hametol cream under the lens, which also repairs hands and skin. What does Hametol cream do? How to use Hametol cream? Where to buy Hametol cream? Are those who use Hametol cream satisfied? The answer to all these questions is just jasmine. The comer!

Hametol cream, which has appeared on both social media and television screens recently, is a cream belonging to the brand Abdi ─░brahim, which is lined up on new shelves in pharmacies. Hametol cream, which does not contain any chemicals and contains herbal ingredients, is one of the important features that it does not irritate the skin. This cream, which does not contain any perfumes, parabens, alcohol or preservatives, creates a strong barrier on the skin and protects the skin against the negative effects of external factors. Hametol, which is not used only on the face, can be used easily in hand and whole body care.


Hametol cream, whose main task is to moisturize and nourish the skin, will be indispensable in the winter months. This cream, which repairs the skin that has worn out especially in cold weather, can be used for skin irritation and redness caused by epilation, waxing and laser applications. This product, which restores the elasticity of the skin when used regularly, is among the most popular care creams of the last period.


Hametol cream is sold on the market in 3 different ways. These; including skin care cream, restorative care cream and baby rash cream.


Hametol skin care cream with witch hazel virgin extract, moisturizes the skin intensely and makes it softer and silky. This cream, which restores the old elastic structure of the skin in a short time, is a solution to color inequality by increasing redness. While it makes the skin soft, it protects it against cold weather thanks to Provitamin B5. It is useful to try this product that can be used by those who have dry, combination and oily skin.


Hametol repair cream is sold in pharmacies in 3 different ways, removes skin redness and removes inequality. Thanks to the rosemary extract in its content, the product which is frayed, cracked, flaky, and dried skin; smoothes the skin. Thanks to the hammelis virginia extract contained in it meets the daily moisture needs of the skin. So you can use this product both to repair your irritated skin and to monitor your skin’s daily moisture balance.



You can use this cream twice a day, which you can easily use during the day. You can apply this cream, which shows its effect in regular use, on all parts of your body. However, make sure that the area you apply is clean. You can massage with your fingertips for easy absorption after applying.


Among the questions that women are wondering is whether it usually causes hairiness. However, since hametol cream is suitable for use on the face, does not cause any problem of hair growth on the face or other parts of the body.


Price of hametol care cream sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores 15.90 TL ‘ it is.

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