What does Hirudoid Forte Gel do? How to use Hirudoid Forte Gel? Hirudoid Forte Gel price

We searched all the details about the Hirudoid Forte Gel, which people who experienced excessive bruising and blackening in the under-eye areas after the nose surgery, when they searched online for suggestions. What does Hirudoid Forte Gel do? How to use Hirudoid Forte Gel? Hirudoid Forte Gel price is in the details of our news.

Active ingredient polysulfate of chondroit

Hirudoid Forte Gel, which is a chemical structure , contains 445 mg of active substance in 100 grams. Auxiliary substances include substances such as myristyl alcohol, cutina, triglyceride, bentonite, isopropyl alcohol, disinfected water, rosemary oil. If you are allergic to the substances in it, you should not use it. Especially effective against bruises, this gel, which is recommended by specialist doctors, is sold only in pharmacies. Its unique fragrance is known for its plastic cap, white and light beige texture. It is offered for sale in pharmacies in metal tubes. Hirudoid Forte Gel, which is very successful in the rapid repair of damaged skin, which is not effective only in passing bruises, should definitely use it in consultation with a doctor. Produced with a foreign license by the pharmaceutical industry, Santa Farma eliminates the feeling of inflammation in the melt. Hirudoid Forte Gel, which should be present in every home, prevents blood from clotting.


Hirudoid Forte Gel, which provides bruising, bruising, blood settling and edema quickly, “in the local treatment of superficial phlebitis in closed wounds and sports injuries with or without hematoma, such as sprains, crushing, water collection in the joints and swelling” is being prescribed.



You should definitely use this cream on doctor’s prescription. You should apply this cream 3-5 cm in size on the diseased area of ​​your skin lightly and gently with your fingers. You should not forget to see your doctor if you do not experience any reduction in your complaints despite 2 weeks of use.


Hirudoid forte gel price 14. $ 86

It is sold in pharmacies from .

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