What does Imex Syndet Acne Soap do? How to use Imex Syndet Acne Soap?

The most ideal care product for those who cope with adolescence acne is acne soaps. Although there are many acne soaps known in the market, Imex soap, which users are satisfied with, has a great effect on acne treatment. So, what does Imex Syndet Acne Soap do? How to use Imex Syndet Acne Soap? The answer to all these questions is in our article.

Imex Syndet Acne Soap; It is a soap sold in pharmacies used to eliminate acne. Imex soap is sold in 100 gram packs. Imex soap contains Glycerin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Lactic Acid. This alkaline-free soap will never harm the skin. Those who used imex soap stated that imex soap is really beneficial and eliminates acne. The benefits of imex soap, which provides skin care and repairs the skin, are;

Balances the oil rate of the skin.

Cleans pores deeply and opens clogged pores.

Does not dry the skin, it keeps it moist.

Suitable for all skin types.

It provides bacteria and germs to get away from the skin.

Suitable for daily skin care.

Protects and renews the protective layer of the skin.

Very useful Imex soap never dries your skin like other soaps and always makes it look soft and lively.



It is very simple to use Imex acne soap. It is enough to wash your face with this soap at least 2 times a day. The most curious question of those who use this soap is the number of times imex soap is used per day. It is written in the instruction to use imex soap, which you can use as often as you want, at least twice a day.

Our skin, which is exposed to environmental effects throughout the day, will adversely affect it. In addition, makeup residues on the skin, cosmetics, triggers the formation of acne by clogging the pores. By cleansing the skin during the day or evening with Imex soap, the pores are opened and cleaned. In addition, imex soap prevents the formation of blackheads.



Imex soap, which everyone can easily obtain, is sold in pharmacies, transfers and websites. You need to do some research to find the places that are not sold as cheap as Imez soap. There is no certain difference between the Imex soap pharmacy price and the Imex soap prescription price. imex syndet soap price is 54.90 TL.

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