What does Oksizinc Cream do? How to use Oksizinc Cream? Oksizinc Cream price

You can use Oksizinc cream, which is the most popular product of recent times, to beautify your skin and even the blemishes and color tone. What is Oksizinc Cream, which attracts attention with its benefits and conquers hearts with its effect? What is the price of Oksizinc Cream? You can browse our article to find out.

Oksizinc cream is an effective cream against many skin problems. This cream, which can be used safely with its paraben-free structure, allows the skin to become brighter and smoother thanks to its content. It is effective in reducing acne problems. It has a healing effect on the stretch marks that occur mostly in women. It also prevents the formation of cracks. Oksizinc cream prevents the formation of spots and freckles. In addition, it makes the skin color beautiful.


Oksizinc contains 40% zinc oxide in 40 zinc oxide cream. The skin product therefore provides a drying effect. It acts like a shield in the driven area and protects that area. It is offered in aluminum tubes with cream 40 or 100 g and in closed boxes. It has a white color. It is suitable for external use. In addition to the active ingredient in it, other components benefit from the cream’s nourishment and softness and moisture. The cream does not contain paraben. Therefore, there is no problem with its use in safety.



The area where the cream will be applied should be cleaned and cream should be applied to that area after it dries. It can be used up to two or three times during the day. It should be applied by massaging the cleaned and dried surface. The cream should not be in contact with the eyes. If it contacts the eye, it should be ensured that the eye is cleaned with plenty of water. If an unexpected effect occurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

It is important to clean the area where this skin product will be applied. The skin should be cleaned from dirt or makeup before the cream. Also, this cream should not be used on open and deep wounds.



Sold only in pharmacies and cosmetics stores 100 grams of Oksizinc cream is 46.25 TL. Pay attention to the price when buying. Also, do not take the products that have been opened and look for the expiration date.

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