What does pH mean, skin urine pH value should be ideal?

What Does pH Value Mean?

pH means potential hydrogen, the value used to detect the level of hydrogen ions in our body is called the pH value. Ideal pH value of our body is between 5.5 and 7.45. A proper and balanced pH value is extremely important for a healthy body. We can buy and measure the patches sold in pharmacies to determine the pH value of our skin.

What Does pH Value Mean?

The alkaline or acid value of a substance is expressed by its measure of pH. In other words, pH refers to the amount of hydrogen (H +) ions in the liquid. pH rates vary between 0-14. The pH scale gives information about the acidity and alkalinity of the substances. A pH level of 0 indicates that the acid value is too high. A pH of 14 means extremely alkaline. If the pH is 7, it is understood that the substance is neutral, not alkaline or acid.

What should be the ideal pH value of the skin?

The ideal pH level of our skin varies between 4-6. Although the normal pH level of the skin is 5.5, these areas have a higher pH value, that is, more alkaline, since the humidity is higher in the armpits, groin area, between the fingers and other closed areas of the body. The pH value of the creams and body products we will use should be compatible with our skin. Thus, it is possible for us to maintain the ideal pH balance of our skin. For example, cologne has a pH of 2.5. Therefore, it can cause excessive dryness and hardness on our skin. The pH value of normal soaps varies between 8-12. Unfortunately, these soaps can damage the pH balance of our skin by affecting the oil and moisture content of our skin.

Why does the pH balance of the skin deteriorate? How does it show symptoms?

Various factors negatively affect the pH balance of our skin. Air pollution and seasonal changes are examples. However, according to recent studies, the most important factor that disrupts the pH balance of the skin is cosmetics and cleaning products.

When the pH balance of our skin is disturbed, acne, sensitivity, infection, regional redness, allergic reaction and dryness may occur. These show that something is wrong with our skin and requires us to pay more attention to our skin care than ever before.

If the pH balance of the skin is not at an ideal level, it cannot fully fulfill its protective function. Collagen protein in our skin is broken down more easily, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and wrinkles occur. Unfortunately, sagging problems occur in the future. Using care products suitable for the pH level of the skin will prevent this. Thus, the skin will not lose its health and will always look well-groomed.

What should be the pH value of urine?

The normal pH value of urine is in the range of 7.0 to 7.5. A lower than 7.0 indicates that the urine is acidic. The higher it is, the more alkaline the urine (basic). If our diet consists of 70-80% vegetables and greens and 20-30% carbohydrates and protein, our urine becomes alkaline. This is the ideal diet. If our diet is like this, the pH level of our urine will be between 7.0-7.5. So it is normal. You can have your urine pH measured at the hospital, but you can also obtain a urine pH kit from the pharmacy.

What should be the pH value of the water we buy?

Dr. Ayça Kaya gives the following information on this subject; “The pH value of the waters in the market starts from 7.2 and goes up to 8.5. In order for the water to become alkaline, it is not necessary to use products such as drops and carbonates. “

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