What does Silverdin Cream do? How to use Silverdin Cream?

Silverdin cream, known as burn and scar cream today, is preferred by everyone because it shows its effect in a short time. Silverdin cream, which is particularly effective for use in burns, is frequently used to prevent inflammation of the burns and burns. So what does Silverdin Cream do? How to use Silverdin Cream? What is the price of Silverdin Cream? If you want to learn, you can browse our article.

Silverdin cream, which takes both redness and pain when applied immediately after the burn, positively affects the skin thanks to the active ingredients in it. This cream, which prevents the growth and increase of bacteria on the skin surface, especially thanks to silver sulfadiazine, can be obtained from pharmacies even if it is sold with a prescription. Silverdin, which is used for both wound and burn treatment, is sold in 40 gram packages. You can use Silverdin cream, which is one of the number one cream of pharmacy shelves, by consulting an expert.



If your doctor has prescribed the Silverdin cream, you should first take care to use it as your doctor has told you. Generally, the usage is very simple.

Firstly, clean the wound and burned area where Silverdin cream will be applied. Apply it to the area with a thin layer. Cover it with a bandage used for treatment, if any. If you do not have a bandage, cover it with a sterilized cloth. It will be sufficient to apply it 1 time as a daily use dose.

How to use Silverdin cream

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