What does travazol cream do? How is traumol cream used? Travazol cream price

Travazol cream, which is generally used in skin diseases such as eczema and fungus, is on the most wanted list recently. We answered your questions about Travazol cream, which is a very curious subject. What does travazol cream do? How is traumol cream used? What is the price of travazol cream? here are the answers. . .

Travazol cream, which is sold only in pharmacies, is the main drug for the treatment of fungal diseases, which are rapidly absorbed on the skin. In addition, it has a healing effect on some bacterial infections, allergic conditions, eczema and formed inflammations in the skin. It also removes pain, inflammation, itching and itching caused by these problems on your skin. Cream packaging size is 15 g and 1 g TRAVAZOL contains 10 mg isoconazole nitrate and 1 mg diflucortolone valerate active ingredients.


Isoconazole nitrate; is used for the treatment of superficial fungal diseases of the skin. It is effective against many microbes; It is also effective against organisms that cause detomatophytes, yeasts, yeast-like fungi.

Diflucortolone valerate; prevents inflammation of the skin in inflammatory and allergic situations and resolves complaints such as itching, burning and pain.


Travazol cream; After the examination, it should not be used unless it is deemed appropriate by the doctor. Because if you are allergic to the active ingredient of the drug, an allergic reaction can be added to the complaint you go for in order to be good. It is not good for virus-related skin diseases such as herpes, as it is good for bacterial and fungal diseases and prevents them from multiplying. It is also inconvenient to use in diseases such as chickenpox and measles, which are generally seen in children. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the source of the disease.

It is known to be very successful and effective in the treatment of rash. It is recommended to wear your clothing after being absorbed by the skin for a while. While it is absorbed, some of it comes into contact with air, and it prevents excess from entering the body. It should also be avoided to wear clothing that covers the area where it is applied. It should be preferred because air circulation is easier in cotton clothes. Clothing worn after application with the drug should be washed immediately after use.



You should definitely take care to use the cream as your doctor has told you. The cream is applied 2 times a day. TRAVAZOL treatment should be discontinued at the latest 2 weeks after the inflammatory or eczematous skin has healed in a coordinated manner with your doctor. This is especially true for use in the groin and genital areas.



Prescription travazole cream is 20. 44 TL. You can get it by prescription from pharmacies.

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