What foods are found in vitamin D sunlessness makes you sick!


Vitamin D is a very important source of vitamins for the human body. In the deficiency of vitamin D, various diseases come to the media. For this, it is necessary to meet the vitamin D the body needs daily and also to work as a whole by consuming foods containing vitamin D. So, what foods are vitamin D found in? How to take vitamin D Phytotherapy Specialist about what you need to know about vitamin D, which you can get from the sun for only 20 minutes a day. Ümit Aktaş provided important information.


Vitamin D, the main source of which is sun rays, is vital for our body. When it comes to deficiency, it can lead to extremely risky diseases. It is possible to meet this need with only 20 minutes of sunbathing and some nutrients per day! The solar phobia, which has occurred in recent years, can have extremely dire consequences for health. Without the protectors with a protection factor of 30 or even 50, it was impossible to go to the beach. Contrary to what is said, sunlessness, not the sun, will make you sick! Vitamin D rich foods and sun rays must work together as a team.

There are many studies showing that one of the important factors behind increasing cancer cases in recent years is sun phobia. Interesting, but when the seeds of this phobia were planted about 30 years ago, the aim was to protect Humanity from skin cancer. Come on, skin cancer has not decreased, on the contrary, all cancers have exploded! Because the vital importance of vitamin D for many years and the fact that the human body needs sun rays to synthesize vitamin D was ignored.

DR. Ümit Aktaş lists the risks that can be encountered in the case of Vitamin D deficiency in the section “Fear from the Sun” in the book of Happiness Cures 2:

Your immune system collapses, your risk of getting cancer increases, your risk of osteoporosis increases, your risk of getting depressed increases, your child’s bones cannot develop, your risk of having blood pressure increases, your risk of having a heart attack increases, your risk of having rheumatism increases, support with nutrients!

Reminding that the most effective defense weapon against all diseases from cancer to flu is a strong immune system, Aktaş said, “A strong source of vitamin D is required for a strong immune system. If you do not get enough vitamin D with nutrients, no matter how much you sunbathe. The opposite is also true. Vitamin D taken with food is not in active form. The sun ensures that the inactive vitamin D becomes active. ”


Emphasizing that the belief that the sun leads to premature aging of the skin is wrong, Aktaş says that it is possible to increase the resistance of the skin to the sun with some simple measures and proper nutrition:

Cover your face: You can protect your eyes, even your face from the sun, which has a relatively thin skin. Your body will be sufficient for the vitamin D synthesis you need.

Eat lots of tomatoes and greens: It strengthens the lycopene skin inside the tomato and makes it more resistant to sun rays. In particular, tomatoes cooked in oil contain abundant lycopene (a powerful antioxidant) and are more easily absorbed by the body when consumed with oil. Green leafy vegetables, containing powerful antioxidants, vitamins C and E, form a strong barrier against sun damage. Remember omega-3 fatty acids: a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and taking omega-3 supplements regularly protects the skin from sunburn and blemishes.


Just 20 minutes of sunbathing is enough to take advantage of the sun’s health benefits. If you are fair skinned, sunbathe for five or ten minutes in the first one or two days, and increase the time when your skin color becomes a little darker.

Solar contact time is also important. If you want to fill your vitamin D reserves, you need to go out at noon, when the sun is on top. The hours when the human body produces vitamin D is between 11:00 and 13:00. Your body also produces vitamin D at the same time in harmony with nature.

Do not shower immediately after sunbathing. Give your body some time to synthesize the vitamin.

Remember that you can only benefit from the sun without applying anything to your skin. Any sunscreen with a high SPF factor blocks UVB rays from the sun. It is not enough to just show your hands or feet to the sun. The larger the area where the sun’s rays touch your body, the better.


Ingredients: 2-3 tomatoes, 1 coffee cup cold squeezed extra virgin olive oil, rock salt Tomatoes shred. Saute a few spoons of extra virgin olive oil in a pan in a pan. Season with rock salt. Wait for it to warm up.

You can apply this recipe as soon as the tomato season starts. The lycopene in the tomato dissolves in the body with fat, and it takes a form that the body can benefit with high temperature. During the summer season, try to consume the tomato puree that you prepared in this way every day or at least 3-4 times a week.

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