What is 3 age syndrome causes anger attacks in children!


Challenging processes are formed for parents during the periods of ensuring the growth and mental development of children. 3 age syndrome is one of them. In this period, when the child discovers himself in his mental and physical development, he can present difficulties to parents or friends. Anger attacks, throwing toys or items, and fighting peers are common symptoms of this syndrome. Here’s what to know about 3 age syndrome. . .

What is 3 age syndrome?

The biggest causes of the 3-year-old syndrome in children are the realization that the child is now an individual and is growing up. The child now has the thought that he can do whatever he wants and does everything independently of the mother and father. He does not agree to get help from the mother and father because he sees himself as an adult and strives for the family to accept it. He thinks that he has his own thoughts, desires and must do them. During this period, these attitudes of the child are called 3 age syndrome.

3 age syndrome symptoms

Anger attacks if they do not want to or if they appear suddenly

Throwing toys or other household items

Fighting with peers

Harm to other children

· Not sharing your belongings with anyone

Damage to toy items in the home or surrounding area

Stubbornness with parents

· Do not scream

· Throwing yourself to the ground

Hours of crying that last for hours

Refusal to eat or choose to eat

· He wants to choose his clothes

Duties of parents in 3 years syndrome

Parents have big duties in the 3-year syndrome. First of all, it is important to approach the child calmly. In the moments of the child’s crying and anger crisis, it should be tried to speak to him calmly and if the child does not calm, the speech should be stopped and the child should be removed for a while. A child who wants to do whatever he / she wants should not be done whatever he / she wants and should be understood and explained calmly. Children who harm things and their surroundings should be warned immediately with a sharp expression and should not be treated softly against this attitude. A child who is 3 years old can now communicate with his parents and understand what they are saying. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to remain calm and talk. Because when you get angry, your child’s anger will increase.

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