What is 3 Age Syndrome, How Is It Passed?

3 age syndrome is the situation when children start to feel like free individuals and this feeling is reflected in their behavior. Although it is not known as much as 2 age syndrome, 3 age syndrome has more challenging moments for families than 2 age syndrome. Coping with 3 age syndrome

Working families use various methods to get information by experts. The first thing to know, however, is that the age 3 syndrome is not permanent and will pass in a short time.

Symptoms of 3 Age Syndrome

3 years syndrome symptoms in children is generally considered the same for every child. Causes different characteristic features in children 3 age syndrome symptoms can be listed as follows:

  • There is no time obsession for children entering the 3-year syndrome. But they focus only on what they want to do. Nothing can be done by force on these children.
  • There is a big change in their speech. Saki learned many words overnight. They start building sentences of 5-6 words.
  • There are great and strong emotions in them. They try to express their feelings.
  • In addition to wanting to trust the people they know, their sense of independence overwhelms them.
  • They constantly ask the question, “Why?” This is because they want to learn everything around them.


How to Overcome the 3 Age Syndrome?

3 years syndrome passed should try to understand the reasons why children pull or overwhelm their mother for what. 3 age syndrome hitting and crying crises bring along problems. What a family who has entered the 3-year syndrome should do is as follows:

  • Family members should remain very calm against children who throw themselves down and go through crying crises.
  • These children use various ways to gain their independence. In order to avoid any setbacks, family members must allow children to do things.
  • For children who are stubborn about dressing, family members should be patient and allow them to dress as they please.
  • Children who enter the 3-year syndrome should get their sleep well and their tummy should be full.
  • Shouting or hitting against the impulsive actions of children will cause a lot of harm to the child.

Children with 2 years syndrome and mothers who go crazy

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