What is a bead wax? How to make beads at home? Does the bead reduce hairs in the wax?

Bead waxing, which is very popular recently, is a kind of hair removal method. We have researched for you how to make the hair from the root, also the bead wax which helps to reduce and how to make it at home. Here is the answer to all the curious questions about the bead wax:

Beads waxing a  is an epilation method that makes hair removal more practical and painless. Beads waxing is very expensive compared to other hair removal methods, but has received positive reviews by many users. The bead, which takes its name from its shape, was also loved because it hurt less than other methods. Providing a soft touch when removing the hair follicles even on sensitive skin, the bead wax beauty centers. You can use bead wax as you wish in sensitive areas such as face, bikini area and armpit. Beads wax is different from other wax cloth it can be withdrawn immediately after it has cooled. It is said that other waxes nourish the hair roots. Bead wax has no such negative aspects.



Bead wax is very simple to use. Unlike normal wax, no diapers are required. You just need to apply the wax to the area you want to apply and then pull it off. Having a peelable feature prevents your skin from irritating. Bead wax, like other waxes, you should heat it in wax wax.


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