What is a mouth sore and why?

Did you know why mouth sores occur in 30 percent of the society? Here we have researched mouth sores and natural treatment methods for you. . .

To inflamed wounds with open ends in the oral cavity and gums; called thrush or mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are seen due to vitamin C deficiency. Wounds in the mouth; It prevents activities such as eating, drinking hot drinks and brushing teeth.

Three different forms of intraoral wounds;

Herpetifrom ulceration, This wound, which is called herpes among the people, is caused by the herpes virus. These wounds are not contagious. But it repeats very often.

Small ulcers, these wounds appear after secret firing and pass by themselves over time. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that the wounds do not get infected. Otherwise, recovery time will be longer.

Large ulcers, These ulcers, sometimes formed by combining a few wounds, cause a person to suffer for days.

What causes mouth sores?

Intraoral wounds are usually after secret firing,

In psychological disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety,

When there are hormone changes such as menstrual period, adolescence transitions, pregnancy and menopause,

Vitamin C and D deficiency,

After excessive consumption of acidic fruits and spices,

It occurs due to the side effects of some drugs.

Natural treatment methods that are good for mouth sores?

Experts often give mouthwashes with antibiotic properties to their mouth sores. However, you can get rid of these wounds with the methods you can do at home.

Saltwater mouthwash is known as one of the effective methods in mouth sores. The mixture prepared by adding three teaspoons of salt in a tea glass of water should be applied 3 times a day.

Miswak is one of the natural methods of cleaning teeth and gums. Miswak is good for wounds on gums.

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