What is a Pedagogue, How to be a Pedagogue? What are the specialties of pedagogy?

The pedagogues that guide families on child behavior in raising children are very important for children in terms of psychology. How to become a pedagogue that provides great benefits for the spiritual development of children, what is pedagogy, what are their areas of expertise. Here are those who are curious about the pedagogy department:

Pedagogue; It refers to individuals who evaluate and follow the emotional and mental development of children aged 0-12. It follows the psychological and social development of the child and produces solutions by providing consultancy services against possible problems. It provides consultancy and guidance services to parents in order to raise the right child who is physically, emotionally and socially healthy. The role of pedagogues is very important for children to develop a healthy psychological development. When parents raise their children, it is necessary to meet with a pedagogue regularly for the mental development of their children. Students no longer covered by purchases on the pedagogy department issued a law in 1982 was stopped in Turkey. Those who want to study this department have started to be appointed under the title of pedagogue with the department of psychological counseling and guidance. Those who graduate from this department can educate children and consult with families about child education, when necessary, to consult them. WellWhat is a pedagogue, how to be a pedagogue ? How to choose the pedagogue department ? Here are the answers:



In terms of word meaning, pedagogue is called educational scientist or educator. At this point, the people who do this job are not a psychologist or a psychology specialist, but child educators. Pedagogues are named as experts who can produce solutions while providing counseling against possible problems that follow and observe the psychology and mental development of children.


The responsibilities of the pedagogue who provide counseling and guidance services in various institutions such as nursery, kindergarten, family and children’s court, prison and kindergarten are listed below.

⇒ Family with child development and consulting data on education,
⇒  Hospitals lend emotional support to children in a variety of treatment and care section
⇒  Teachers, social workers, family doctors and located the child’s life provide coordination with other professionals,
⇒  in services and hospitals will follow their children’s development ,
⇒  offers expert opinion in preparation of children’s publications and television programs,
⇒  teachers working in nurseries and kindergartens, help teachers and auxiliary staff in-service training layouts,
⇒  social differences that affect the child’s personality development, communication tools, cultural differences gives families guidance on the subject,
⇒  language and speech problems with the baby and makes the assessment of the situation for children,
⇒  babies’ care, nutrition, sleep and exercise are advised to family issues,
⇒  their children’s sexual development period, fulfilling his family to inform business about the issues to be considered,
⇒  child’s soul the parents relationship informs parents about their effects on their health,
⇒  Makes an expert report in custody or adoption and other judicial cases by examining family problems and parent-child relations in family and child courts,
⇒  Delivers children who are interviewed by their parents through enforcement.


Pedagogues can work as psychological counselors or guides in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, they can provide consultancy services in all private schools with the same task, they can work in the academic staff of universities, they can work in special education and rehabilitation centers, they can work as a psychological counselor in institutions affiliated with social services. As you can see, there are multiple options, and pedagogy, psychological counseling is a profession that will play an important role in the health and development of our children, the architects of our future, as a sector that will always be needed.


To become a pedagogue, it is required to graduate from the Psychological Counseling and Guidance departments of universities with a bachelor’s degree.


⇒  be able to use oral and written communications channels effectively,
⇒  positive attitude and to have high motivation,
⇒  to be high persuasion skills,
⇒  to be open to professional development,
⇒  stressful and having the ability to deal with emotional situations,
⇒  the ability to find solutions in the face of problems Owning,
⇒  children’s capabilities, can observe and analyze the needs and problems have the ability to

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