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What is a placenta? What does it do?

What is a placenta? What does it do?

We have examined the placenta which is temporary in the womb of her mother during pregnancy but which is of vital importance for the baby and what her duties are. Here is what you need to know about Placenta, a miraculous organ …

‘ Placenta ‘ , which is known as the wife of the baby in daily life , is an organ formed in the 3rd week of pregnancy without limiting the movements of the baby. The miraculous wisdom of this organ is that it provides the exchange of nutrients between mother and fetus only during pregnancy .

It is flexible and durable due to the placental structure that provides the delivery of oxygen to the baby. The placenta, which fully meets the needs of the fetus, acts as a barrier and protects the baby against infections that may occur in the first three months. More useful than this, the placenta is connected to the belly of the baby by the umbilical cord .

If the mother wants to give birth to her child by normal birth , she is spontaneously excreted about 30 minutes after birth . However, if caesarean section is preferred, the doctor should remove it.

The separation of the baby from the placenta, which is the life bond between the mother and her mother, is the same . However, some experts say that the umbilical cord should not be stopped immediately after birth. Because the baby so if te how health li. Well, is that possible? Here is the method of separating the placenta from the baby …


It is called births without separating the baby from the placenta. Lotus birth isalso the baby’s umbilical cord to dry itself until it falls off, this mean period of 3 to 10 days until the placenta is connected.


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