What is Albanian cream (Flux Cream) and how to use it?

Albanian cream, which we have heard frequently among the people, is a cream used for skin blushes, which has come from the Ottoman period to whitening the skin, also known as a whitening cream. What is the Albanian cream allegedly found by Balkan immigrant women in the Ottoman period? How to use Albanian cream? What does Albanian cream do? Where to buy Albanian cream? What is the price of Albanian cream? You should definitely check the details of our news to find out.

Good news for those who want to equalize the color tone of your skin and remove all redness and blemishes! Attracting the attention of women, Albanian cream is a care cream that has been used both for removing spots and whitening the skin since ancient years. Albanian cream, which is approved by experts, is recommended for lightening the skin, but it is used by many people because it is also successful in removing blemishes. According to the information received, the Albanian cream discovered by Balkan immigrant women in the Ottoman period has become more and more popular thanks to Balkan women famous for their skin beauty.

This cream, which usually resolves problems such as spots and freckles after the sun in a short time, is sold without a prescription in dermocosmetic stores and pharmacies. However, you should be careful while purchasing this product. Especially high content of mercury Albania cream is also sold on the internet. This mercury you will use will cause wear on the skin after a while. It can even cause tooth decay and cancer problems.


Albanian cream, which women often refer to as a whitening cream because it is used to whiten the skin, is actually for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. This formula, which belongs to Ibni Sina, has been developed today and has shown its effect thanks to the arbutin added to its content. You can use Albanian cream, which has a natural content, in many other areas by helping wrinkle, whitening, pimples, blemishes, skin refreshing or even moisturizing the skin.


When Albanian cream is applied, it is absorbed by the skin and acts on the color pigments on the bottom layer. In this way, the skin color becomes lighter and skin spots disappear over time. You can also make Albanian cream, which is quite expensive on the Internet, at home. Here is the albanian cream recipe;


White Clay
Arbutin Oil
Neven Oil
Orange Juice

Preparation of

Mix half a tablespoon of lanolin and petroleum jelly and add 2 teaspoons of orange juice and 1 tablespoon of white clay. Add Arbutin Oil and Neven Oil to your prepared dish and let it cool in a jar. It should cool down at room temperature. Never put it in the refrigerator.



If your skin is sensitive or problematic, you should definitely consult a specialist. Albanian cream is an easy-to-use cream. You can use it like moisturizer 2 times during the day. However, there is a point to be considered while using it. You should take care to use it at the same time every day. You can wash your face for 2 hours after the cream you rubbed and absorbed.

When used regularly, you should not use this cream, which begins to take effect after at least 2 months, without consulting a specialist.


The price of Albanian cream 45.90 T L.

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