What is allergic rhinitis? What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis? Is there a cure for allergic rhinitis?

If you constantly sneeze and cough during seasonal transitions and dusty environments, you may also be allergic. So what is Allergic rhinitis? What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis? Is there a cure for allergic rhinitis? We researched everything you wonder about allergic rhinitis, which is often affected by environmental factors. You can find all the questions about allergy in the details of the news.

Allergy is the condition in which the body protects against dust, nutrients, pollen, animal hair and respiratory substances. Allergy that occurs in almost every age group and gender occurs with different symptoms. The word allergy has passed from Latin to our language. In medicine, this ailment is called a non-serious illness caused by substances that enter our bodies without permission. However, this situation varies from body to body. As immunity against the substances taken into the body produces excessive antibodies, the body temperature changes first. The most common allergies are pollen and home allergies. Pollen status generally increases during seasonal transitions. Pollen allergy occurs from April to the end of summer. Home allergies; chemical cleaning materials, dust, food and animal hair.


WHAT IS ALLERGIC RINITE? Who is Allergic Rhinitis seen? What are the symptoms of allergic rhinitis?

In allergic rhinitis, which is manifested by cold and flu-like symptoms, the person’s immunity does not decrease. Although it may seem resistant, it experiences situations such as sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge. There is no fever in allergic rhinitis. Fever occurs in the cold. High fever occurs in flu. In allergic rhinitis, all other than fever occurs. Allergic rhinitis is a genetic disease. Allergic reactions in a person’s family history increase the likelihood of experiencing allergic rhinitis. It is divided according to the severity of allergic rhinitis. It causes moderate pain in some and severe pain in some. In severe rhinitis, the quality of life of the person decreases. She feels too tired to be able to do social activities. Also, allergic rhinitis varies seasonally and yearly. Seasonal allergic rhinitis usually develops depending on geography and climate. All year round is due to dust, fungi and animals. It is manifested by symptoms such as sneezing, loss of appetite, coughing, runny nose, runny nose, watery eyes, headache, joint pain and chest pain.


WHAT ARE THE PROTECTION WAYS FOR those with allergic rhinitis?

Wearing a mask to avoid being affected by dust and pollen

To constantly change the air flow of their environment and keep them hygienic

Continuous ventilation of the sleeping environment, washing the beds every 3 days with odorless substances

Wearing a mask during cleaning

Regular fruit, milk consumption and healthy eating and brisk walks are good for the disease.



After the symptoms, it is necessary to consult a specialist. During the examination, the attending physician takes a sample of the mucosa. The person’s fever is measured. The blood test measures the level of infection in the body. Accordingly, it is distinguished whether allergic rhinitis, flu or cold. The size of the nose meat is checked. Nasal meat is usually experienced in allergic situations. Allergy testing is not done. Allergic condition to anything and allergic rhinitis are not the same condition. As a result of these examinations, the specialist doctor makes the diagnosis. Natural means are recommended before drug treatment, as the person may then have a side effect against cortisone. Natural teas are the most recommended treatment method in this case. When allergic rhinitis is not treated in time, it can turn into asthma. Therefore, experts recommend that the person exchange clean oxygen. Spray is recommended to reduce the flow. Cleaning of the sinus canals is also done with these sprays.

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