What is aloe vera? What are the benefits of aloe vera? How to use aloe vera?

One of the most used herbs in alternative medicine, aloe vera is popularly known as the elixir of youth. Aloe vera consumed as tea is also used as a conditioner. South Asian origin, aloe vera has been researched in recent years that it is effective in cancer treatment. So what is agave grass? What are the benefits of aloe vera? How to use aloe vera?

Aloe vera (Astragalus) is one of the important herbs used in alternative medicine. This plant, whose homeland is Asian countries, belongs to the family of legumes. It is a plant belonging to the stratum of Faboideae. It is one of the two wreathed plants. It is used in traditional medicine as an aid to combat many diseases. The most common feature of agave herb is that it prevents aging. Used for various purposes, the plant ensures that the cells in the body are healthy and long-lasting. It is also used as the raw material of many beauty products. Aloe vera, which has 2000 different types, is all beneficial. Many studies have been done on agave herb which is among herbaceous plants. Especially it was determined that agave herb was used in the treatment of immune system and cancerous diseases. It has a sweet taste. Its fruits are called bitches. It is a herbaceous plant that can live in very hot and very cold environments. It usually has white, purple and blue flowers.


It has the feature of reducing edema and inflammatory cells in the body.

It increases the body’s resistance against cancer cells by strengthening the immune system.

It slows down the growth of tumors that may occur in the person’s body.

It reduces the symptoms of chemotherapy patients.

Aloe vera, which regenerates and protects blood cells, also protects cardiovascular health.

With its antioxidative properties, aloe vera regenerates skin cells that tend to age. Thanks to this feature, it is also used in the treatment of skin diseases.

In addition to its ability to regenerate cells, it has a healing effect within damaged cells.

As it has a strong antioxidant property, it reduces the number of free radical cells in the body.

– In the researches, it has been concluded that it eliminates viruses or reduces their effects.

– Experts recommend sperm to men who are weak.

– It increases the number of stem cells by strengthening the cells in the marrow.

– It prevents the body from getting sick easily.

– Helps to increase the number of white cells in the blood.

– It is effective for those who want to heal diseases such as anemia in a natural way.

– As it renews the cells, it reduces the aging effect. For this reason, agave herb is called the elixir of youth among the people.

– It is used as a raw material in the production of cosmetic products as it can rapidly renew the skin texture.

Aloe vera regenerates cells rapidly. the most common aloe vera is pink


Aloe vera can be consumed in two ways. The leaves can be dried and crushed fresh as a tea at the same time. In the vast majority of the pharmaceutical industry, aloe vera is taken fresh and separated into its molecules. At the same time, cosmetic factories prefer the fresh version of the crunch. Those who want to make aloe vera cream naturally can get it by crushing a pinch of fresh grains in a mortar and adding honey. This creamy agave herb, which is obtained by mixing, provides rapid healing of wounds. As for tea; Put half a teaspoon of dried aloe vera into a boiling intestinal hot water. Let it steep for 5 minutes and then drink it. However, only the root part of the flakes should be used in aloe vera tea.

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Aloe vera should be consumed in consultation with the doctor


People who take high blood pressure medication should definitely not consume aloe vera. Because agave herb shows the same effect as the drug, which causes a reaction. When consumed in excess, it accelerates blood flow. This causes rhythm heart failure. Pregnant and those with chronic fastness should first consult their experts.

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