What Is Aqua Peeling What Is It How To Apply Benefits And Harm To The Skin

What Is Aqua Peeling What Is It How To Apply Benefits And Harm To The Skin

Aqua peel, ie aqua peeling, is a skin care procedure that has many benefits to the skin such as correcting wrinkles, removing acne, tightening pores without the need for surgical intervention, and does not cause pain and side effects.

Aqua Peel; It is a painless, reliable, fast and permanent procedure. In this application, the skin is deeply cleaned with a specially developed vacuuming system. Aqua Peel, which also has FDA approval, has recently become widespread and has become the choice of many people who want to look well-groomed.

How Many Minutes Does Aqua Peeling Take And How Long Should It Be Performed?

Stress, insomnia, smoking and alcohol use, irregular diet, air pollution, insufficient daily water consumption, harmful rays from the sun and various other factors affect our skin negatively. Here, aqua peel medical removes the damage caused by these factors by providing an effective skin care. It is completed within 20-30 minutes and can be repeated 3-4 months after it is done, it is a safe application.

How is Aqua Peeling Done?

Aqua peeling application is done in beauty centers. Antalya Beauty Center is one of them. First cleaning and then peeling procedures are applied. The skin is cleaned for 5-10 minutes with the special solution it contains. Thus, dead skins are removed and pores are opened.

Aqua peeling application consists of 3 stages. After the cleaning process, the extraction process is started. Meanwhile, the skin is cleaned with a special solution for 5-10 minutes. This solution used contains a small amount of salicylic acid. During this application, the salicylic acid content can penetrate not only the upper layer of the skin but also the lower layers. With the extraction process, inflammations that cause skin problems, bacteria and germs on your skin will be removed. The final touches in the Aqua Peel skin care application are made with a solution of special soothing and moisturizers. This solution applied provides moisturizing of the skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Aqua Peeling For The Skin?

Aqua peeling meets the expectations of those who want to have a well-groomed and clean skin. Aqua peeling, which removes wrinkles and dead cells, is effective against various skin problems. This application, which is completed within a maximum of half an hour, is both very practical and extremely comfortable. It deeply cares and gives the skin a radiant appearance.

  1. This application, which also removes prominent spots, acne and wrinkles, has become even more popular in recent years.
  2. It opens the clogged pores, cleans the inside of the pores, and treats the roughness on the skin.
  3. With its antioxidant effect, it cleans the skin and regulates the moisture content of the skin.
  4. Restructures the skin, makes it look younger.
  5. After the Aqua peeling application, the skin becomes radiant and all you have to do is enjoy it.
  6. It shows peeling, skin cleansing, antioxidant, moisturizing and extraction effects even when applied just once.
  7. It does not require any surgical intervention and does not take long. Its effect is immediate.
  8. It is good for dry skin and skin cracks caused by this problem, excessive oily problem and wrinkles that occur due to aging.
  9. Aqua peel application has a great role in the treatment of mild acne, small acne scars, elimination and prevention of blackheads, and minimizing skin blemishes.
  10. Aqua peel, one of the most popular medical skin care applications, is suitable for all individuals aged 20 and over.

What are the harms of Aqua Peeling?

Aqua Peeling has FDA approval. Although there is no harm in general, there is a risk of the following problems after peeling application:

  1. After you have an Aqua peeling, a slight redness and burning may occur on your skin. But it will decrease in a few hours and will be completely over after 24 hours.
  2. There may be slight swelling in some areas of the skin. However, the swelling will subside in about 6 hours.
  3. It does not cause complaints such as edema or bruising. However, if you have excessive skin sensitivity, you are likely to encounter such problems. Do not worry, your skin will recover in a short time and will have a more radiant appearance.

Things to Consider After Aqua Peeling

Do not wash your skin for the first 24 hours after Aqua peeling. Do not lie face down. Otherwise, the bacteria in the pillow will infect your face and your face may become infected. On the other hand, this application increases the pressure on the skin. Therefore, sleeping on your back should be avoided on the first day. After the 3rd day, organic creams and lotions should be used.

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