What is articulation disorder causes speech disorder in children!


Although it is often a lovely situation for us to misrepresent the words, this problem may cause the child to suffer at an advanced age. Children up to 7-8 years old have to pronounce words in their mother tongue without any mistakes. For speech disorders that continue after these ages, a specialist treatment should be applied. Articulation disorder is in our news in all aspects. . .

What is articulation disorder?

Articulation, that is, the pronunciation disorder, is a situation where children are produced incorrectly from speech sounds. (Such as the child saying / tedi / instead of / cat / / moy / instead of / purple /). In articulation disorder, the sound that the child cannot produce or produces incorrectly is not included in the vocabulary. In order for a speech sound to be produced correctly, the motor movement required in that sound production must be made.

The causes of articulation disorder may be one of the following items, or it may be the result of misleading regardless of any structural disorder.

Hearing impairment
Mouth-face anomalies (such as lip-palate cleft, tooth anomalies)
Mental disability
Motor disorders (apraxia / dysarthria)
Weak imitation ability
Reinforcement of the environment
Wrong learning
Anatomical-physiological deficiencies

Symptoms of articulation disorder

We can explain the articulation disorder with 4 main symptoms. These; jumping is substitution, addition and distortion.

Bypass: The child says only a few of the letters in the words. For example, he says telezon instead of television.

Substitution: The child replaces the letters in the words with other letters. For example, saying chestnuts instead of chestnuts.

Added: The child adds more letters to the words. For example, pilaf instead of rice.

Warp: The words that the child makes are not exactly correct, but they are close to the truth. For example, he says eppek instead of bread.

Treatment of articulation disorder

Children learn all sounds in a certain order, not simultaneously. While sounds like / b /, / d /, / m / are learned at the age of 2-3, learning some sounds like / r /, / z / is experienced at a later age. Sometimes the child can make a sound alone or at the beginning of a word, but it may be wrong in other positions. Or it may be having problems with more sound than you may have noticed.

Get help for speech disorders after the age of 7-8

In general, when children reach the age of 7-8, they can produce all the voices of their mother tongue correctly. The speech disorder that continues after this age is unlikely to recover spontaneously. Parents / teachers who think that the child’s speech is different from their peers should definitely get help from a language and speech therapist. The language and speech therapist determines the cause of the child’s speech problem by making a detailed assessment.

Treatment started at a young age gives effective results

It performs some tests to determine which sounds the child has problems with and informs the family about when to start therapy. Articulation therapy is also performed during adolescence or adulthood. However, the therapy performed at a young age will yield effective results in a shorter period of time before the way of speaking is settled.

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