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What is Beta HCG, how many weeks are you pregnant by Beta HCG value?

What is Beta HCG, how many weeks are you pregnant by Beta HCG value?

The Beta HCG test is a blood test to determine if it is pregnant. A non-pregnant woman has a Beta HCG of 0-10 mIU / ml. Beta HCG values ​​higher than 10 indicate that the woman is pregnant. (Beta What is HCG?)  Question our Gynecology Specialist Dr. The answer of Murat Erdemir: ( Beta Hcg) is a blood sign indicating that the pregnancy has started.If a woman has increased Beta Hcg values ​​in her blood means 100% pregnancy. Because Beta Hcg is a hormone secreted from the baby. When the blood exchange between the baby and the mother begins, this hormone is passed from the baby to the mother’s blood and is revealed in the blood test. Beta hcg levels can be followed to determine whether the course of pregnancy is healthy or not. If the beta hcg levels are increased, after reaching a certain value and decreases, pregnancy does not continue healthy, there are problems.

Does Beta Hcg rise necessarily mean pregnancy?

Dr. Aytac Keskineg the Beta hCG related blood test gives us the following information: ( the high Beta HCG blood test results in women, it does not necessarily mean that the person is pregnant. Because raising the Beta HCG outside of pregnancy, there are some health problems. For example, hydatidiform mole named There is also a disease condition in which the female ovaries develop, but not with pregnancy.In this disease, Beta HCG is increased.In the case of ectopic pregnancy, Beta Hcg level increases and after a while this value begins to decrease. It is good to repeat it 2-3 days apart. After pregnancy with Beta Hcg, it can be confirmed whether there is a baby with ultrasonography.)

In what circumstances does HCG increase with the exception of pregnancy?

  1. Ectopic pregnancy
  2. Cancer
  3. Multiple pregnancy
  4. gastric
  5. Pancreatic carcinoma
  6. Low
  7. Germinal cells tumors
  8. Methyl hydatiform disorder
  9. Mol pregnancy (Grape pregnancy)
  10. Empty pregnancy

When should the Beta HCG test be performed?

Beta HCG testing can be performed a few days after the regimen delay.

How is the Beta HCG test done?

You can go to the hospital and give a blood test. Beta HCG test can be performed on open or full stomach.

The gestational age calculated by considering the last menstrual period (SAT) of the person during the pregnancy period and the Bhcg values according to these weeks  are as  follows;

Beta HCG Values ​​for Pregnancy Week
Three weeks10 – 50
4th week5 – 425
5th week20 – 7300
Week 61,080 – 56,000
7th – 12th week7,650 – 290,000
13th – 16th week13,300 – 250,000
17th – 24th week4,000 – 165,000
25th – 40th week3,640 – 117,000

During the pregnancy period, an average value is generated based on the lowest and highest values ​​for the evaluation of the  Beta HCG hormone . This average value is of great importance during pregnancy.

Beta HCG values ​​appearing within the first 20 days after ovulation in which pregnancy occurs;

HCG Values ​​After Ovulation
DayLowest Beta HCGHighest Beta HCGAverage Beta HCG
Day 121711948
Day 131714759
Day 143322395
15 days17429132
Day 1670758292
the 17.g111514303
Day 181351690464
Day 1932443101061
20 days18532791287
Day 2150646602034
Day 2254010,0002637


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