What is Beta HCG test during pregnancy, what does it do?

We have organized in our news the curious about the Beta HCG test, which gives fast and accurate results in pregnancy test! What should be the values ​​in Beta HCG hormone that those who are waiting for the good news of a baby should look at in their blood test? Here is the beta HCG test for pregnancy ..

The Beta HCG test, which is preferred by experts as a result of seeing some signs that reveal pregnancy, is performed by looking at some values ​​in the blood. With the combination of the egg cell in the woman and the sperm cell in the male, the HCG hormone begins to be secreted. Therefore, this test “Beta HCG test” called. The test for the HCG hormone, which increases during pregnancy, can be done in the blood as well as in pregnancy tests performed at home with urine. However, in the home urine test, sometimes incorrect results can be found, so its reliability is more unsafe than a blood test. When the Beta HCG test result is close to 0 and 0 in a person who is not pregnant, an increase is observed in the formation of pregnancy. If the value is more than 10, it means that the baby gospel is a harbinger. Pregnancy occurs 8-10 days after ovulation in this test, which helps to detect very early pregnancy. It is recommended to apply a few days after the delay of the menstrual period in order to get definite results from the beta HCG test.


beta HCG test during pregnancy

This measurement, which is made due to the increase in beta HCG hormone during pregnancy, is called beta HCG test. The results of the values ​​in the blood are an important test that gives the opportunity to evaluate important information about the health of the expectant mother and the development of the baby. The beta HCG test can be determined by looking at the values ​​of the blood taken from the person, as well as in the urine tests taken from the pharmacy. However, it should be known that blood test always gives more accurate and guaranteed results than urine tests.

The HCG hormone secreted by the placenta after fertilization can be detected by the numbers in the blood sample approximately 11 days after fertilization.



Even if pregnancy does not occur in every healthy individual, the beta HCG value in the blood is in the range of 0 to 10 mlU / ml. Being above this value is one of the most important findings to be suspected during pregnancy. If the baby is outside the mother’s womb, Beta HCG values ​​will not increase as expected, since the placenta will not show a healthy development.

On a weekly basis, based on the last menstrual period (SAT) in pregnancy HCG values:

Three weeks: 5 to 50 mlU / mL
4th week: 5 to 426 mlU / ml
5th week: 18 to 7.340 mlU / mL
Week 6: 1,080 to 56,500 mlU / mL
7th and 8th weeks: 7.65 to 229,000 mlU / mL
Week 9 to 12: 25,700 to 288,000 mlU / mL
13 to 16 weeks: 13,300 to 254,000 mlU / mL
17 to 24 weeks: 4,060 to 165,400 mlU / mL
Week 25 to 40: 3,640 to 117,000 mlU / mL

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