What is blood orange? What are the benefits of blood orange? What does a blood orange do?

It is a powerful antioxidant thanks to lycopene, which gives the red color of the blood orange, a type of normal orange. The blood orange produced in Hatay especially benefits diseases such as pancreas and stomach pulp. We searched for those who are curious about the blood orange, which contains high amounts of vitamin C. So what is blood orange? What are the benefits of blood orange? What does a blood orange do?

This orange type, which has a red color, is called a blood orange. It has a red color since it contains high amounts of lycopene. It is the richest antioxidant type of the polyphenol pigment family, which is rarely seen in the citrus x citensis, which is referred to as Citrus x sinensis in the scientific literature. The red orange contains the substance chrysanthemum (cyanidine 3- O-glucoside). In the environment where it grows, the temperature suddenly turns purple. It is seen both inside and outside in some red oranges. Its outer part is harder than other orange varieties. So it is difficult to peel. It tastes the same as raspberry. According to researches, red blood is a mutated orange species. It was first seen in Europe in the 19th century. There are several types of blood oranges. The most common is Tarocco, which grows in Italy. It is also grown in Sanguinello and Moro Spain. Since it contains more sugar, its taste is sweet. It can be consumed by removing the water. When two are consumed during the day, it meets the body’s daily needs, vitamin C and dietary fiber. It is also a powerful source of folate.



As it contains very strong antioxidant substances, it is effective in removing free radicals in the body. In this way, it prevents premature aging of cells. In this way, it provides a lot of benefit to the skin. Since it prevents the cells from mutating, it prolongs the time of staying young.

Balances blood pressure thanks to blood orange anthocyanin substance. It facilitates blood flow as it prevents the veins from hardening from other nutrients. In this way, it protects the heart health.

The body does not produce the collagen necessary for the development of the body after a certain age. So the body needs to take additional collagen. The healthiest food in this is the blood orange. Since it increases the production of blood orange collagen, it supports dental and bone health. It strengthens bones and teeth and prevents any deformation.


Folate increases the white and red cells in the blood structure. In this way, diseases such as anemia are prevented. The blood orange also makes blood because it is rich in folate. Since no anemia has occurred, nerve cells easily provide their functions within the body. It prevents diseases such as stress and depression.

Nutritionists are in the top five in the list of nutrients most useful for losing weight. Since it is rich in fiber, it regulates the digestive system. Since it speeds up the metabolism, it prevents weight gain. The intestines increase the functionality and prevent constipation.

Contains natural sugar. However, there is no oil. In this way, it allows the body to lose weight in a controlled manner.



Thanks to its antioxidant substance, it prevents cancer. In researches, experts state that those who consume blood red orange regularly have a low incidence of cancer. One should also be consumed for breakfast and one for lunch. It keeps the person vigorous throughout the day. In this way, it prepares the ground for a comfortable sleep in the evening.


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