What is CC cream? How to use CC cream?

An innovation is becoming the center of attention every day in the world of cosmetics. CC cream, which has joined us in the past few months, has become a matter of curiosity. What is CC cream that looks the same as other creams when viewed? What does CC cream do? How to use CC cream? What are the prices of CC cream? The answer to the questions is in the details of our news.

CC stands for Color Correcting. CC cream is known to equalize skin color and tone. Produced for those who complain of skin blemishes and redness, this cream does not harm the skin as much as the foundation but balances the color tone. Attracting the attention of the cosmetic world, these CC creams took their place on the shelves with different packaging. CC cream, which is the subject of curiosity especially with BB cream, is a product that can be used more frequently in the summer due to its extremely thin structure. This cream, which gives the skin a natural appearance by caring for the skin, acts as an excellent protection against harmful sun rays and does not require any sun cream.

One of the most important features of CC creams, which are claimed to lose skin blemishes when used regularly for a long time, is that they are very light. It does not create a feeling of heaviness on your skin compared to the products in the other category. It does not harm naturalness.


CC creams, which are recommended to be used for acne-prone skin, show immediate effect if your skin is red or yellowed. You can also be sure that your skin is nourished and protected with CC cream, which is filled with antioxidants, vitamins C and E, with a higher GKF than BB cream.


After you supply the suitable product, you can spread it on your skin with a brush or finger strokes. CC creams, which are suitable for use during the day, integrate with your skin in a short time and provide a natural appearance.

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