What Is CC Cream? Why Should I Use CC Cream? What Does It Do?

What Is CC Cream? Why Should I Use CC Cream? What Does It Do?

CC cream is one of the most used makeup materials. The English equivalent of the letters CC is color correcting; that means skin color corrector. When we talk about the benefits of CC cream, the first thing that comes to our mind is, of course, that it removes color inequalities in the skin. Balancing the skin tone, this cream has many more functions. It is good for skin spots, prevents the skin from being damaged by sunlight and cares for the skin. However, those who want to see the benefits of CC creams should continue to use them without interruption. Do not be impatient about this.

How to Use CC Cream?

Let’s squeeze 2-3 drops of CC cream on our index finger. Then, let’s apply point by point to our nose, cheeks and forehead. Then, let’s feed it all over our skin with circular movements. In case the cream is not enough, let’s do this process again. Generally, when using CC cream, help is taken from a sponge or brush. But instead, it will be better to do it with your fingers, it will have a better effect on your skin. Thus, you can apply it more properly and get maximum benefit. Therefore, it is recommended to apply CC cream with your fingers, not with a brush or sponge.

What Are The Benefits Of CC Cream For The Skin?

CC cream has such a light texture that you won’t even know if it’s on your skin. Applying CC cream is a very simple process and does not take even a few minutes. Equalizing the hue of your skin, this cream offers smoothness and naturalness. CC Cream, which is similar to foundation but has a thinner structure than it, is simply a perfect skin care product.

  1. These products, which camouflage skin blemishes, remove color irregularities.
  2. It is very beneficial to use especially in summer. Because by protecting it from the sun, it prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin.
  3. It gives vitality and shine to the skin.
  4. Meeting the expectations of those who want to have a radiant skin, CC cream shows more energetic and vigorous.
  5. It is effective against pimples and acne.
  6. It eliminates redness and helps to achieve a flawless appearance.
  7. It has moisturizing properties.
  8. If you buy a CC cream suitable for your skin and use it correctly, black spots, redness and other roughness on your skin will be hidden. CC cream, which is both concealing and nourishing for the skin, is never missing from most women’s makeup bags. With its high SPF protection, creamy texture and improved formula, it is also ideal for oily skin.
  9. CC creams are often preferred because they balance the skin tone. The effect of CC creams, which are one-to-one for rashes on the skin, emerges as soon as they are applied and instantly eliminates the rashes. On the other hand, CC cream also removes color pigments on the skin.
  10. CC creams with SPF both care for the skin and prevent damage to the skin by protecting it from the sun. Due to its sunscreen feature, it also prevents problems such as darkening and skin blemishes.
  11. CC creams can be used on dry and oily skin. If you have dry skin, it will moisturize your skin, and if you have oily skin, it will prevent shine by controlling the oiliness on your skin. If you apply CC cream and let it dry, you can see that the oily areas become dull.

What Is The Difference Of CC Cream From Foundation And BB Cream?

CC cream has a fine texture. The difference between CC cream and foundation comes from its absorption. Foundation is a product that prevents the skin from breathing by clogging the pores. Whereas, CC creams can be absorbed quickly so they never clog the pores. The CC cream that you will apply with your brush or fingertips will not prevent your skin from breathing.

When BB cream and CC cream are compared, it is seen that CC cream has a thinner structure. The CC cream, which penetrates your skin like a foundation, balances the skin tone. Offering a more natural appearance than BB cream, CC cream has less coverage than BB cream. The contents, colors and other features of CC creams differ according to the brands. For example, CC creams of some brands are white and gray, while others are skin-colored. Some of the CC creams take the color of the skin after it is applied and provide the balance of the skin tone.

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