What is coah disease? What are the symptoms of Coah disease? What is good for Koah disease?

We have compiled for you those who are curious about the koah, which is on the list of serious diseases today. Disease with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can result in serious problems if not diagnosed early. Coah disease, which loses its functionality, is a rapidly progressing disease. So what is Koah disease? What are the symptoms of Coah disease? What is good for Koah disease? In the details of the news, you can find everything you wonder about coah disease.

COPD is a shortened version of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is the fourth most common disease in the world, according to reports from the World Health Organization. Coah disease, which lowers the quality of life, is often seen in smokers. It occurs in miners, bakers and factory workers, apart from cigarettes. The reason for this is that these people are exposed to chemical substances for a long time by air. It occurs when the respiratory tract loses its functions as a result of deformation due to external factors. Especially when the air taken from the nose or mouth reaches the lung without cleaning, it mutates the healthy cells here. Unfortunately, this disease, in which thousands of people are in danger, is diagnosed late in our country. Usually, as a result of late diagnosis, the person reaches the beginning of the cancer at the last stage of coah. Therefore, it is beneficial to have continuous lung control. In addition, people who are exposed to cigarette smoke as well as smokers may have this disease.



Studies revealed that COPD occurred in 9 out of 10 people because of smoking. The lung membrane, which is deformed by the substances in cigarettes, becomes excessively inflamed. In addition, there is a risk of COPD occurring in people who have to breathe extremely toxic substances indoors, those who stay for a long time in places without ventilation, or those who burn organic substances such as wood and straw for fuel and are exposed to that air. In these people, bronchial obstruction usually begins.



The most common symptom is cough. Nocturnal cough, awakening from sleep and subsequent shortness of breath, a person experiencing chest pain,

Dark yellow or green sputum that comes with cough,

Breathlessness during activities such as stairs, ramps, fast walking or running, then the heart beats fast,

Firing that suddenly rises at night,

Muscle and bone aches due to the body’s inability to provide sufficient oxygen,

Experiencing situations such as stress and depression as a result of the decreased oxygen not being able to carry nerve cells in a healthy way,

Sudden difficulty breathing while showering,

Experiencing upper respiratory tract diseases such as persistent flu is among the symptoms of coah.



It is noticed at the last stage, as it is usually intervened late. The specialist doctor firstly examines the sound of the lung while breathing in and out. Then, the flow of air flow in the body is checked by placing it in the respiratory function test. Finally, a lung x-ray is taken. This is done in order to learn the damage that has occurred. For this disease, the person must constantly breathe fresh air. In addition, it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals. To open the clogged air vesicles in the lungs, Dr. Feridun Kunak supported the natural treatment of patients by giving a special mixture recipe in his program. Kunak said that the mixture will be ready for three days in the refrigerator after the egg shells have melted, and a tablespoon should be drunk four times a day in the morning, noon, evening and night.

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