What is done to tan fast? 5 easy tanning methods

In the summer, our body meets the vitamin D it needs in abundance. However, there are questions of what to do for fast tanning among the topics most visited by those who go on vacation, and what are the ways to tan without browning. In today’s article, we investigated the answers to these questions you are curious about. It is made for a healthy tan in a short time. What should be done to tan without browning? You can browse our article to find out.

When summer comes, the first thing that comes to mind for many women, especially women with white skin, is tanning. However, it is very difficult to tan by sunbathing because of dark pigments in light-skinned women. In the first stage, they become crimson and then darken, but this darkening does not reach a degree of tan. During those days when the hot weather is intense, we have explored the ways of tanning quickly and healthily for those who want to sunbathe and enjoy the summer months.



Your biggest friend is your hat while sunbathing. Although you prefer a hat instead of sunglasses, it protects your eyes, but it increases your melanin production by stimulating the hypothalamus gland from the sun and increases your tanning. For this reason, the hat will be the right protection choice for both protecting your head and avoiding annoying glasses marks.

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The dead skin formed on your skin is an obstacle to your rapid tanning. The skin cleanser offered by many cosmetics companies should also purify your skin from dead cells thanks to peeling effect lotions.



You can have everything you need for a natural tan at home by applying the coffee cure to your skin. Moreover, the coffee cure will be good for your cellulite.


A cup of coffee powder
2 tablespoons of olive oil


Mix the olive oil with the coffee powder you have obtained until you get a paste. Apply this mixture to your entire body, with your face, legs and arms priority. Leave this mixture on your skin for about 15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.



Since lemon juice can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, it is not recommended to apply the same method while sunbathing. This method, which is easy to apply, is done by applying the lemon juice you squeeze from fresh lemon to your skin. After doing this application, it is recommended to wait 15 minutes and wash with warm water.


Vaseline is an ideal option to moisten your dry areas. Apply vaseline before applying your tanning cream. Thus, vaseline will allow the bronzer to spread to your skin better and will provide a beautiful tan.



People with white skin and sensitive skin should be very careful before going out in the sun. They should go out to the sun at short intervals to avoid damage from daylight.

In the early days of the holiday, instead of being outside at noon, daylight should be taken in 5-10 minute intervals and this period should be extended throughout the holiday.

People with white skin have a higher risk of sunburn than other skin. That’s why you can protect your skin using a 50-factor sunscreen.

People with white skin should be sunbathed after 16:00 not to exceed 30 minutes.

While sunbathing in brown-skinned people, it should pay attention as much as white-skinned people and gradually increase the tanning time.

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