What is Driclor? What does Driclor do? How to use Driclor?

We share with you the answers of all the questions you are wondering about Driclor cream, which is recommended by experts and observed to be very effective for people who sweat excessively in the summer. What is Driclor? How to use Driclor? Does Driclor have any side effects? What is the price of Driclor? You can browse our article to find out.

It is a roll on sold in Driclor pharmacies and cosmetics stores where people who are confronted with the problem of excessive sweating face as a solution on the internet. Driclor, which can be used by people who sweat excessively despite the normal air outside, definitely eliminates the problem of sweating thanks to the aluminum chloride inside. Removing sweating in many areas from armpit sweating to foot sweating, chest and back sweating to sweating hands, this product is also a solution to facial sweating. Driclor increases the consistency of sweat and ensures clustering. These clumps clog the pores on the skin surface “new sweat” prevents excessive sweating by preventing it from reaching the skin surface.


Excessive sweating, Hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition in which a person sweats a lot. Hyperhidrosis is not a serious or life-threatening condition, but it usually affects normal, daily activities and affects a person’s quality of life. In such cases, a product that will be a support and solution must be used.



Easy to use, Driclor can be applied just before going to bed once a day in the evening. Since the sweat glands are not active during the sleep phase, there is no problem of sweating all day when applied before bedtime. The way of use is;

Place the driclor on a flat surface so that it does not leak and carefully open the lid on it.

Place the cylinder head in the mouth of the Driclor and press firmly to close the cover.

To protect the cylinder head, close the bottle with a large cap.

Dry the affected areas thoroughly before applying Driclor. Otherwise, irritation may occur.


Apply once a day, in a thin layer, before going to bed at night. Do not overlap several times like conventional antiperspirants, a single film layer is sufficient.

Wash the application area in the morning. If you wish, you can continue using your daily deodorant.



Driclor, which is effective in preventing sweating, may cause some undesirable side effects. In particular, the active ingredients in it can cause some harmful side effects on the skin. It can be seen as irritation, redness, burning, swelling, painful sensation, itching, skin irritation, flaking and rash in the application area.


Driclor, which generally changes in price, is sold for between 20 and 50 TL. You can find the cheapest product by researching to buy the same product. The most current price is 34.90 TL d.

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