What is ectopic pregnancy (Ectobic pregnancy), why? What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy, how are they terminated?

We have compiled for you how the external pregnancy, which is a risk situation during pregnancy, has emerged. What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy? What are the risks of ectopic pregnancy? Here’s the answer. . .

In the medical literature ‘Ectopic pregnancy’ but we are usually in society ‘Ectopic’, the situation we are talking about occurs when the fertilized egg is placed outside the uterus and not in the womb. One of the places where the egg is placed most frequently outside the uterus is where the Fallopian tubes are located. Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, the main cause of death cases encountered during the first trimester of pregnancy, are the same as normal pregnancy symptoms. At the beginning of pregnancy, changes such as menstrual delay, positive pregnancy test, tenderness in the breast and chest, and vomiting are seen. While embryo insertion into the tubes is not seen as a problem at first, it causes tearing by stretching the tubes in the future. If the accompanying bleeding is not noticed and treatment is not applied, the risk of death of the mother increases due to internal bleeding. As can be understood from here, early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is very important besides ectopic pregnancy. How can we understand that ectopic pregnancy is such an important issue for maternal and infant health? What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy? What is ectopic pregnancy, what are the factors that cause ectopic pregnancy? Here are some things to know about ectopic pregnancy during pregnancy. . .



The zygote, which is fertilized by the merger of sperm and egg cell, is located somewhere outside the uterus and not ectopic pregnancy

It is defined as . When the embryo is placed in the tubes consisting of several mm channels, the tubes are stretched and subsequently torn, causing severe bleeding, and the expectant mother comes to the nose with the risk of death. Symptoms in this type of pregnancy, which is a very serious condition, are not different from normal pregnancy symptoms.

‘Is there a period in ectopic pregnancy?’

If you say , just like in healthy pregnancy, menstrual bleeding is not expected, but this situation is not certain, it can be an exceptional situation. For the removal of suspicion of ectopic pregnancy in women with severe groin pain and bleeding bhcg test must be done.


The tubes are unhealthy,
Risk of previous ectopic pregnancy,
Chocolate cyst,
Sexually transmitted infections,
Operations applied due to tube problems


Menstrual period, light spotting or severe bleeding
Severe groin and abdominal pain
Internal bleeding and fainting etc.



If the pregnancy situation that should be seen in the uterus cannot be determined under normal conditions, there is the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. HCG test, if positive results are high but no baby is seen on ultrasound, ectopic pregnancy may be suspected in such cases. In this test, which is measured every 2 days, healthy pregnancy values ​​are higher, while ectopic pregnancy increases slightly. In order to understand the ectopic pregnancy in the clearest way, an examination should be made with the control of the obstetrician. Physical examinations are performed to study the symptoms such as abdominal pain, tenderness, and mass in pregnancy.

Most ectopic pregnancies occur in this section. Bultrasonographic examinations are carried out for an accurate diagnosis. Except those Beta-HCG and progesterone tests are performed to determine the levels of hormones in the blood. These hormones, whose levels change during pregnancy, can be diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.



In this situation, which has similar features with an unfavorable pregnancy or a risk of miscarriage, diagnosis can be made very difficult. For this, Beta-HCG values ​​are checked first. If the pregnancy has not progressed yet and the tube has not been ruptured, drug therapy is administered. Thanks to the drug given as a single dose or as a few doses, the tubes are protected. If the treatment does not progress positively, if the tube is not ruptured by surgical operation, an incision can be made on the tube or it can be removed completely.

It should be remembered that the woman who has an ectopic pregnancy will have a higher risk of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy in the next pregnancy than others.

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