What is eczema? How is eczema the easiest? Does cologne cause hand eczema?

Koronavis cases in the hands of Turkey increased in the following days cologne and disinfectants used to make hand hygiene even the breakdown of allergic reactions and causes. So what is done to eliminate this situation? What to do if irritated skin? Here are step-by-step methods:

starting in Wuhan city of China coronavirus came to Turkey as of March 11. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, 9 people died and the coronavirus case increased to 670 with the positive tests. While this is the case, citizens pay great attention to both house and hand cleaning. Colonies continue to break sales records for hand cleaning, which experts often warn about. However, using disinfection and cologne during the day and washing hands frequently cause eczema and accompanying irritation. You can eliminate these irritations by following the right steps and at the same time you can get more well-groomed hands. So how? The ways of making the irritated hands from cologne and disinfectant healthy in a short time are in the details of our news:


The products that dry the skin such as cologne, wet wipes, alcohol and soap trigger the eczema. Due to these products, which are increasing in use day by day, you should definitely use a moisturizer to avoid any eczema. Experts who emphasize that it will be sufficient to wash your hands before and after food preparation, after entering, toilets and after leaving the toilet, unless you come in contact with the outside, says that it should be disinfected frequently in case of contact with the outside. Specialists who said that using a normal soap while washing hands should rub the wrists, back and fingers, palms, and the edges of the nails for at least 20 seconds, and emphasized that it is not necessary to use antibacterial soaps in this process.



Eczema and psoriasis patients should use products such as vaseline strengthening, softening and moisturizing vaseline after hand, face and body cleansing. They should wash their clothes with soap powder to a high degree and rinse well. As a softener, it should prefer products specific to sensitive skin. You should not use products that dry the skin such as cologne, wet wipes, alcohol and soap very often.

WHAT IS eczema?

Eczema is a common itchy skin condition of different types, which is very common in our country. In the medical literature “atopic dermatitis”

Eczema, known as , is also known as inflammation in the skin. The exact cause of this disease, which can be seen by anyone for many reasons, has not been fully proven. Just as there are multiple factors leading to eczema, there are many types of eczema. Eczema symptoms may vary according to their types. It is possible to see the type of eczema from skin to nail, from the genital area to the mouth, in all areas of the body. Symptoms such as redness, itching, skin blistering, dryness and stretch cracking, which show itself with various symptoms, are also symptoms.



Eczema, the most common symptom of which is water-filled blisters and crusting on the skin, can also cause itching that gets worse at night and reaches the level of sleep wake. Eczema, which can be treated in a short time as a result of early diagnosis, can also manifest itself in the form of a thick crust. When you encounter one of these symptoms in any part of your skin or body, it is always useful to consult a specialist.



Eczema is a skin problem that occurs subsequently in individuals and has no contagiousness. The most common people are housewives’ hands cracking dry after excessive use of detergent. Another is that you may encounter hair eczema due to the use of hair dye or unconscious care products.



One of the best ways to relieve eczema is to ventilate frequently. Apart from that, it should never scratch and adjust the frequency of the bath according to the seasonal change. Hard fibers and pouches should not be used, and baths with very hot water should not be used. In winter, woolen clothes should be worn over combed cotton or underwear without touching the skin directly. Items that attract dust, such as wool, fleece carpets and blankets, should especially be kept away from the bedroom.




To reduce itching and pain in your body, fill the tub with warm water and pour two glasses of oat powder into it. After standing in this water for 15-20 minutes, get out and dry well.


You can use it in the treatment of eczema thanks to the cucumber, which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. To do this, leave the cucumber that you cut into slices in an ice-filled container for an hour. Then strain the water and apply the cucumber slices to the area that is eczema.


Located in the turmeric spice, my fur has anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties. To take advantage of this, add milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric until it becomes a paste. You can apply this paste to the areas with itching and rashes 2 times a day.

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