What is edema and why? What are the symptoms of edema? How is edema and bloating removed from the body?

Edema, which is more common in women than in men, is swelling of a certain part of the body for various reasons. We investigated those who were curious about the edema caused by the liquid in the capillaries mixing with the blood or the sudden rise of chemical substances in the blood. So what is edema and why? What are the symptoms of edema? How is edema and bloating removed from the body? Here is the answer to all questions … 

Edema is called fluid accumulation of the body due to some factors. This fluid, which usually accumulates between the marrow tissue, causes swelling. This discomfort that occurs in menstrual periods in women is eliminated in some natural ways. However, when it is not paid attention, it prepares the ground for serious health problems. It is more common in the face, hands and feet. Salty food occurs during or after pregnancy, hormonal diseases, magnesium, vitamin B6, kidney and liver. Salty dishes and low water consumption trigger this ailment. Edema, which is more common in women than in men, is a health problem that decreases the quality of life.

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Due to congestive heart failure, when blood circulation is not done in sufficient quantity, blood causes accumulation in the feet or ankles.

Inflammation in the abdominal cavity occurs when the liver, which has the task of accumulating inflammation in the body, loses its functionality.

The adrenal glands mix into the blood without excreting the toxic water in the body, causing edema to accumulate.

It causes inflammation to accumulate in the vessels or bones in the legs, which carry almost all the burden of the body.

As the body develops, hormones are disrupted as a result of the change. Disrupted hormones prevent other functions in the body from working properly.

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Disorders of certain parts of the body

Bloating, pain

Difficulty in using the area of ​​bloating

Difficulty breathing

It is manifested by symptoms such as headache and skin disorder.


Regular sports and nutrition

Keeping feet up for 15 minutes a day for circulation

Not being in the same position all the time

According to the paint, the weight should not be much.

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Pomegranate removes the edema from the body through the urinary tract thanks to the solvents it contains.

Eating two sprigs of parsley every morning helps you eliminate the edema during the day.

The most effective in detox foods is pineapple. Pineapple reduces the formation of inflamed cells in the body. At the same time, it reduces edema formation by balancing the body fluid rate.

– Cucumber is one of the most effective foods that meet 50 percent of your daily water needs. Cucumber is good for stomach ulcers as well as removing edema in the body.

Home made yogurt is one hundred percent more effective in removing edema than yogurt sold at the market.

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Throw 35 dried cherries into two glasses of water and boil for 5 minutes. After straining, consume. Drink it 2 hours after lunch 2 hours after breakfast for a week.

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Throw a pinch of corn flakes, 5 dried cherry stalks, 6 dried parsley, a teaspoon of dry green tea leaves and 2 cloves in 3 cups of water. Boil for 6 minutes. After waiting for four minutes, strain and drink. The ideal time is to consume a glass an hour before breakfast and dinner.

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One of the most effective antioxidants in nature is pomegranate juice. Experts recommend consuming a glass of water regardless of whether it is edema or not. However, people with diabetes should benefit from consulting their experts in pomegranate juice consumption.

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