What is Exoderil cream used for? How to use Exoderil cream? Exoderil cream price

Exoderil cream, which we have heard frequently in recent days, is very successful in eliminating nail fungus, fungal infections, bacteria-related problems. How to use Exoderil cream, a very effective drug applied locally on the skin? What does Exoderil cream do? You can learn the answer to all questions from the details of our news.

The active ingredient of Exoderil cream, which prevents fungi from growing on the skin surface, is Naftifin Hydrochloride. This cream, which specialist doctors prescribe for the treatment of superficial fungal infections, yeasts and yeast-like fungi and mold fungi of the skin, accompanied by inflammation or eczema, is sold in pharmacies in tubes of 15 grams and 30 grams. Exoderil Sandoz İlaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which cannot be sold anywhere other than a pharmacy, is produced in Gebze Istanbul. This drug, which is satisfied by those who use it for fungal treatment, is wondered because of its positive effects.


Exoderil can be used in the treatment of Candida-related armpit, red or brown spots showing thin crusting on the nipples and prominent itchy / rash fungal infections. Exoderil cream can be applied in consultation with a specialist doctor to heal redness, bloating, flaking and itchy blisters. This medication can be used for inflammatory, itchy, reddened, swollen lesions in the form of the neck, trunk, arms, and legs and prominent body fungus (tinea corporis).


Exoderil cream is used in the treatment of itchy or non-itchy inflammatory skin fungi such as white, pink or bronze to brown colored spots on the neck, chest, upper arms and back, and mild scaling and prominent fungal infection (tinea versicolor).


You should be careful to apply Exoderil as your doctor prescribed. Apart from this, the area or nail should be washed with warm water before applying. Drying must be done after the washing process.


Problematic skin surface and 2 cm It is applied once a day before going to sleep at night in the size of chickpeas by light massage. If you apply this cream on the skin folds, it is covered with a thin gauze. This closure is for the rapid recovery of the disease. If you apply this cream on the skin folds, it is covered with a thin gauze. This closure is for the rapid recovery of the disease.

Regular and long use is essential. It will begin to take effect within 30 days. After recovery, an extra 14 days should be used so that the disease does not recur.



Exoderil cream that you can buy with or without a prescription 41. It is 83 TL.

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