What is Fenistil Gel? What does Fenistil Gel do? How is Fenistil Gel applied to the face?

We answered the curious questions about Fenistil Gel, which you can buy both insured and normal in the pharmacy shelves since the very old years. You can find many details in our news, from how Fenistil Gel should be used to the benefits of Fenistil Gel.

Its active ingredient is maleate from Dimentine. Fenistil Gel, is used in the treatment of allergic manifestations that have an opposite effect to the effects of histamine, a natural chemical in the body. Fenistil gel, which you can buy from pharmacies, is used for bee stings, insect and fly bites, superficial mild burns, sunburn, itching due to non-inflammatory skin diseases and hives. This gel, which shows its effect shortly after its application, is breaking sales records today.


Fenistil Gel, which is offered for sale in 30 gram aluminum tubes, must be prescribed by a specialist. Y Fenistil gel, which is effective for wastes and sunburn, is used for rash and chickenpox.

This cream is from the class of drugs called topical antihistamines and acts quickly.



First of all, you should use it as prescribed by your specialist. Apart from that during the day 2 or 4 times

It is sufficient to use . The cream shows its effect depending on regular use for 1 week. Make sure the area is clean before applying the cream.


Fenistil gel, which is a domestic product, is sold in pharmacies and online. 17. 25 is TL.

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