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What Is Fibromyalgia What Happens If Fibromyalgia Is Not Treated?

What Is Fibromyalgia What Happens If Fibromyalgia Is Not Treated?

What Does Fibromyalgia Disease Mean? 18 Precision Points in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a health problem that causes chronic pain in muscles, bones and soft tissues. The other name of fibromyalgia is soft tissue rheumatism. The cause of fibromyalgia disease is not yet known in modern-day medicine. For fibromyalgia, we can say that it is a health problem that causes pain and chronic fatigue. If fibromyalgia is not treated; The pain can be exacerbated by the symptoms, which may cause burnout syndrome.

Fibromyalgia pain, fibromyalgia attacks may be exacerbated by stress, insomnia, excessive or insufficient exercise.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

  1. Pain in the whole body, joints
  2. Feeling tired and tired
  3. The aggravation of pain in the morning
  4. Sleep problems
  5. Numbness and tingling in the hands, arms, feet and legs.
  6. Concentration and memory problems
  7. Feeling hard in the joints when you wake up in the morning
  8. Irritable bowel syndrome
  9. Pain during menstruation
  10. Extreme sensitivity to heat and cold
  11. Skin irritation or burning sensation
  12. Headache
  13. Resting sleep
  14. Stomach problems. Problems with gastrointestinal tract such as abdominal pain, swelling, constipation, diarrhea
  15. Restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  16. Dizziness
  17. Cold or flu-like symptoms
  18. Skin problems
  19. Depression and anxiety
  20. Frequent urination
  21. Respiratory problems
  22. Tension or migraine type headache
  23. Diarrhea and abdominal pain
  24. Sensitization to light and light

What Causes Fibromyalgia, What are the Risk Factors?

  1. Genetic. If you have this situation in the family elders, you may have it.
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. To experience a traumatic event such as separation, divorce or death of a loved one
  4. Gender. Fibromyalgia is more common in women than men. The National Institute for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) reports that fibromyalgia in women is 8-9 times more common than men.
  5. Age: Research shows that fibromyalgia is usually diagnosed in mid-adulthood between the ages of 20 and 50 years.
  6. Sleep disorders: Sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome (RLS), such as sleep problems that negatively affect those who experience fibromyalgia more frequently.
  7. Rheumatic diseases: People with rheumatic diseases are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than other people. These diseases are; Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA) Lupus disease, ankylosing spondylitis
  8. Other possible risk factors for fibromyalgia include no exercise, excessive exercise and surgery.

Which Doctorate?

Go to the rheumatologist.

How Does Fibromyalgia Go?

Fibromyalgia is a disease of inflammation (germ-free inflammation) and causes the mitochondria that provide all of the body’s fuel to function properly. As a result you will feel a general exhaustion and widespread pains.

There is no definitive treatment of fibromyalgia, but there are some treatments that can help to improve the quality of life and to help improve your quality of life.

Prof. dr. Herbal Therapy for Fibromyalgia from İbrahim Saraçoğlu

Professor Saraçoğlu recommends 2 plants for the treatment of fibromyalgia. These plants are shepherd and black seed plants. If you apply the recipes below in the morning and evening for 1 month, you will soon find healing. These cures should be prepared fresh each time and no sugar, honey or other sweetening stuff should be added.


Boil 1 cup of water. Into 1 teaspoon of shepherd plant and then boil for a further 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, leave the pot in the oven and leave it in the heat. After the meal, half an hour before breakfast. Continue the recipes for 1 month, with the recipe you will be given the following evening. Prepare fresh each time.


Boil in 1 cup of water. Throw 1 teaspoon of black tea into the plant. Boil for 7 min. After 7 minutes, take it from the cooker and filter it. Drink 2 hours after dinner.

Prof. dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu in addition to this sphere of sesame oil and bitter apple oil and fibromyalgia because of the pain is recommended to be applied to places.

A teaspoon of sesame oil and a teaspoon of bitter apple oil (island tea oil) mix these two oils. In the case of fibromyalgia pain, a mixture of these oils should be applied in the morning and evening.


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