What is fiery transfer, what is done to the child who has a referral? The cause and symptoms of referral in children (convulsion)

The remittance, which can be widely seen among Child Diseases, is an issue that every mother and father should be conscious. We have compiled important information that you need to know in order not to make a wrong intervention during the referral seizure. So, what should be done to the child on remittal duty first, what should not be done? What causes febrile remittance? Is there permanent damage after the transfer? What are the symptoms and causes of remittance in children?

Among the diseases that can be seen in childhood, the fright and fear of mothers’ fever is accompanied by loss of consciousness that can be seen with fever, or loss of consciousness manifested by contractions without fever. It is known that children who have a referral, especially those who are prone to fever or who have a family genetic predisposition, have a higher risk of being seen between 6 months and 6 years. Temporary changes that can occur in bodily movements, emotions and behavior due to the absence of electrical currents that should be in the brain in the normal course remittance (Convulsion)

It is defined as . This seizure situation, which occurs as a result of fast and violent movements, may cause loss of consciousness and may bring some problems. So what do we need to know about this remittance, which is such an important problem? Very important information from the expert. . .

WHAT IS A FIRED TRANSFER (FEBRILE CONVULATION)? How long does the transfer take?


The febrile transfer situation caused by the sudden rise of body temperature occurs as a result of the movements and loss of consciousness displayed by the person without controlling his body. In order for mothers and fathers to suspect febrile air in their children, they should first see signs such as turning in their eyes, thickening their body, involuntary movement or contraction in their arms and legs.

In the studies conducted for these seizures that lasted approximately 1-5 minutes, it was observed that there was no permanent effect after febrile transfer.

It is known that the probability of recurrent seizures during infancy is more than those who have never had it.



When we look at the causes of the referral seizures accompanied by high fever, we can say that viral or bacterial infections are effective. Some diseases such as otitis media, meningitis and pneumonia can cause fever on the body.


– Don’t look at the eyes with only one side,
– Contraction in body movements,
– Foam foam saliva coming,
– Bruising,
– Urinary and fecal incontinence,
– Symptoms such as loss of consciousness are one of the most common indicators of fever.



The first thing that mothers and fathers who have evolved in the face of their children who have a seizure is to be calm, leaving aside their anxiety and anxiety. Then, in order to calculate the duration of the seizure, after looking at the clock, the rest of the body should face down on a non-rigid floor with the head facing to the side.

No food or drink should be given at that time, even if it is water. Otherwise, there is a risk of drowning. If there is something in the mouth, you should empty your mouth with the curling movement by making it as a hook with your finger.


After the watch is over, you may want to put a pillow underneath and sleep as if the head is looking to the side. After the first intervention, you can call your doctor to get the necessary information. If you have not been able to reach the doctor, you can try to wipe the body with a wet cloth and ease the fever.

Taking a bath to lower the fever may not be a good idea. The reason is that there may be a state of water ingestion on the watch, which may be a risk of recurrence.

For seizures lasting longer than 15 minutes, 112 should definitely be searched. If this condition has occurred before, that is, febrile remittance, remedial preventive medicines that the doctor deems appropriate can be used.


– Unconsciously pouring cologne should not be used for the person who seizures to recover. There may be a risky behavior as it cannot protect your eyes.

– Arms and legs should not be held firmly to avoid environmental damage. Otherwise goose ruptures and bone fractures may occur.

– If the doctor deems it unsuitable, medication or antipyretics should not be used.

– Food or drink should never be given.

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