What is Fomo disease of the age!


What is Fomo? How to deal with Fomo? Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Üney gave important information about the disease of the age, FOMO. Here are all the curiosities about fomo, which is described as the disease of the age!


Internet access and smart phones have now allowed us to carry a computer in our pockets. The fact that Facebook, which is the first social networking site, accepted members in 2006 and is being used by one of every 4 people in the world, has revealed a new situation. Social networks such as twitter, instagram, swam, foursquere, snapchat became widespread in the process that continued behind it. These platforms, which previously only attracted young people, are now used by almost all age groups. We added relatives, old friends and relatives to these social networks. Various groups were formed and we became a member.


The first effect of this is with our sharing; Everyone was aware of our lives, our lives, our travels, our entertainment. Conversely, we were aware of what our acquaintances did. It must be admitted that this is a fun situation. However, privacy has disappeared to some extent. Another development is that from time to time, we started to feel backward from what we couldn’t do and what others did and discovered. At this point, a new problem started to emerge and developed. This situation is called fear of missing developments, also called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


FOMO, the biggest factor in its formation is the fear that the person will miss the developments. However, considering the number of friends and their actions in social networks, it is impossible for the person to keep up with each of the developments. Despite this, the person suffers. It constantly checks their social networks. For this reason, even time is lost, things may be disrupted, lessons may be lost, or they may be sleepless. It continues to control even while driving. He feels negative emotions and experiences exclusion due to activities he cannot attend or is called. It is distressed. Unhappiness, jealousy, paranoia, difficulty breathing, feelings of palpitations are formed. He wants to fend them off, but the idea that he is not accepted and that he is away from the developments causes demoralization. The proportion of Internet users in Turkey use of social media in general 92’k percent of the world if this rate is around 40 percent. At the same time Internet users in Turkey, 84% of users in the 16-24 age range, 77% percent of the 25-34 age group, 62% percent in the 35-44 age range, while in the 45-54 age range, 41% percent use the Internet every day. In addition, one of every two people in our country uses smart phones. These show how high our risk of being FOMO. FOMO is more common in men. It is more common in adolescence and first adulthood, the period of identity formation. Because self-confidence is not fully formed in this period, friends are influential in one’s life and feelings of inadequacy are more intense.

How to deal with FOMO?

1. Freeze your social media accounts for a few days and observe what effect it has on you. It is imperative to change.

2. Focus on your own life. So discover what you can do and what you can’t.

3. Enjoy the moment you live, do not take pictures on the phone or share your location, who you are with, while having a good time.

4. Make plans and try to comply with them.

5. Be sure to get a hobby so you can improve yourself more.

6. Exercise. Especially walking will allow you to be alone with yourself and to better understand your environment.

7. Read the book.

8. Reduce your internet package.


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