What is Globulin? What Does Globulin Height and Low Mean?

Globulin values

Globulin test is performed to detect . If the test results are below normal value low globulin, if high, globulin height is diagnosed. Globulin tests are done in the form of a blood test. Many diseases can be diagnosed thanks to globulin tests, which are taken from the blood vessel. There are four different types of globulin. These types are divided into alpha 1, alpha 2, gamma and beta. Different test applications are made for different types of globulins.

Total protein test is performed in order to measure globulin and albumin values ​​in the body. Serum protein electrophoresis test is performed to measure gamma globulins and other proteins. Serum globulin electrophoresis and total protein tests are also performed to measure general values.


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low globulin height

What is Globulin?

Globulin is a group of proteins in the blood. Globulin in the liver is produced by the immune system. Duties of globulin protein groups;

  • To ensure that the functions of the liver work regularly,
  • To prevent blood from clotting,
  • It can be listed as fighting infections.

What Is Globulin Low? Why?

If there is a low amount of globulin in the blood as a result of globulin tests, this indicates a problem in the function of the kidneys or livers. causes of low globulin is the most important of the dysfunctions in the kidneys or livers. Symptoms of low globulin can be listed as follows;

  • yellowing of the eyes and skin
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Decline in energy and malaise
  • Swelling and pain in the abdomen
  • Urine is dark
  • Itching on the skin

What Is Globulin Height, Why Does It Happen?

Globulin height is the presence of globulin in the blood far above normal values. causes of globulin height include viral hepatitis B or C, HIV, immune system diseases, and inflammatory joint pain. Some people may also be a harbinger of globulin height malignant lymphoma and certain types of cancer.

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